Car collaborations are few and far between; however, it seems that 2018 is the year for it. While this doesn’t necessarily entail a collaboration between two different manufacturers, it does involve a car that isn’t in production anymore. Already having a portfolio of luxury vehicles under its stable, ARES Design now takes up the arduous task of giving the now-defunct Land Rover Defender a revival facelift.

Unfortunate for the Land Rover Defender, it went out of production back in 2016, much to the dismay of loyalists everywhere who swear by it. Thanks to coachmaker ARES Design, it is now bringing it back to the main stage. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Land Rover Defender is reborn with a new outlook, which ranges from aesthetics to off-road performance.

Some of the upgrades that will be part of the reborn Land Rover Defender include a sunroof, an all-new bodykit, a new interior, and an engine upgrade.

The Land Rover Defender is clad all over in premium carbon fibre, with heavy influence on the wheel arch extensions, headlight surround, the hood, and the grille. To complement its off-road architecture, ARES Design also includes heavy duty front and rear bumpers with added underside protection, reinforced front and rear tow points, side steps, and even a steel roof bar.

Land Rover Defender
The interior also features premium leather and a carbon fibre trim.

As for what lies under its hood, ARES Design packs the Land Rover Defender with a 278hp V8 engine. It may not sound like much but you don’t get an off-roader for its speed. For even more performance, ARES Design can build a supercharged version of the Land Rover Defender with 468hp and 649Nm of torque. Both versions will feature a tiptronic auto transmission.

ARES 18-inch alloy rims with 305/70 R18 Cooper tires are fitted to maximise the performance of the Land Rover Defender, alongside upgraded AP Racing brakes.
Premium carbon fibre is clad all over the Land Rover Defender.

ARES Design also introduces some luxury touches into the vehicle, adding bespoke front seats with hand-stitched leather. There are also splashes of premium carbon fibre alongside leather across the entire interior with an electronic handbrake in place.

ARES Design has said it will only make 53 Land Rover Defenders and it will cost around US$250,000 per car. On top of that, you will have to provide your own Land Rover Defender before any work can be done. It will also take approximately eight weeks before it’s completed.


(All images: ARES Design)

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