Malaysia is being electrified by hybrid vehicles and 2018 will be a watershed year for all the hype surrounding them. The extended tax incentive to purchase PHEVs (Plugin Hybrid) or EVs (Electric Vehicle) coupled with more public charging stations becoming readily available, the trend in the market will only continue to grow as drivers become more environmentally friendly and wiser with their pursestrings. The government’s policy ensures that buyers can enjoy up to a whopping 30% deduction when purchasing any of these vehicles.

The future of automobiles is inevitably going to be in the electric market. With heavyweights Ford announcing a USD11 Billion investment into electric and Audi completely cutting off its gas and diesel research, Elon Musk must be grinning like the cheshire cat since Tesla has opened up the floodgates for competition.

Using a hybrid vehicle is certainly more cost efficient. Energy is harnessed into the battery from both the engine as well as regenerative braking technology meaning the mileage on such a vehicle comparatively increased, whilst slashing down on fuel consumption.

However, due to the amount being invested into the technology, a real stumbling block to owning an electric vehicle is the initial purchase. The going price for a desirable hybrid is still going to cost you more than getting their petrol-only counterparts. In addition to this, the available hybrids on the market are usually towards the upper-mid to luxury end of the spectrum. This will no doubt change once more sustainable technological advancements make their way into the production line but for now, looking good and going green still has its price to pay.

For those who are getting charged up over the decision to switch to electric, we have put together a list of some of the best hybrids available in the country right now to help you decide what might be the best for you.