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Customise your very own bespoke yacht to cross the ocean in luxury and style

Travelling has become so much more accessible in this day and age. But the best way to travel luxuriously is to either fly first class with a reputable airline or to charter your own private jet. But if you don’t want to be cooped up in an air-pressured cabin for hours, one can always opt to get a yacht or even have a bespoke yacht at your disposal.

If you’re part of the one-percent or anywhere close to it (where few thousand dollars are just spare change), chartering a yacht or having your own custom yacht is your guilty pleasure when it comes to crossing the ocean. Invite some friends, pop a bottle of champagne and immerse in the glorious sunset views with friends and loved ones — all in the comfort of your own design. 

It may not be very much different than chartering a perfectly capable yacht, but a bespoke yacht allows you to add your own touch into the entire design execution. From its length to volume, style, and speed, every aspect of its design will have your own input, making it your very own dream iteration.

Fraser Yachts

Priding themselves on being a world-leader in the yachting industry, it’s no surprise Fraser Yachts is on the list. Starting out back in 1947 by its owner David Fraser, has since grown into a world-renowned company offering yacht chartering, brokerage, yacht management, as well as custom-built yachts. From superyachts to megayachts, there isn’t a ship Fraser Yachts can’t handle. Fraser Yachts has also partnered up with Plastic Oceans, a global non-profit organisation aimed at protecting the world’s oceans. (Image: Fraser Yachts)

Sunreef Yachts

Known for offering three different types of yachts (power, sailing, and supreme), Sunreef Yachts has put itself on the map, particularly due to its founder and CEO, Francis Lapp. Noticing back then that there was a shortage of large and comfortable catamarans, Lapp took it upon himself to revolutionise the yachting and sailing industry altogether with Sunreef Yachts. While it may not focus on superyachts and megayachts, Sunreef Yachts specialises in large catamarans that gets you from point A to point B in a stylishly yet comfortable catamaran. (Image: Sunreef Yachts)


Unlike the American airline that is no stranger to controversy, Delta Marine is a family-owned and -operated yacht builder of the highest degree. Spanning over 40 years, each Delta yacht is a masterpiece in its own right, carrying the latest in technological innovations, design, and craftsmanship. How Delta maintains such a high level of detail in its work is through Delta Design Group, which is its very own in-house engineering and design team. With naval architects, marine engineers, and designers at its disposal, it’s no wonder Delta has been in the industry for this long. (Image: Delta)


Built on his love for yachting, Burgess was discovered in 1975 by Nigel Burgess, renowned sailor and ocean racer. With an obsessive eye for detail, Burgess created his very own company specialising in customised bespoke yachts for clients, ensuring that everything down to the last detail is spot on. From yacht chartering to management services and even building your very own yacht, Burgess does it all in great detail. Burgess was also appointed as the exclusive worldwide Central Agent by the High Court of Malaya for the sale of the Equanimity. (Image: Burgess)

Heesen Yachts

Known to many as a master in its craft, Heesen Yachts builds precisely-built vessels that are handcrafted from the beginning right to the very end. When building your very own custom bespoke yacht with Heesen Yachts, you’ll get a chance to run through everything and anything you will need to know with yachts. Whether you want to opt for something sporty or stable, aluminium or steel, Heesen Yachts has everything covered. Another great aspect of Heesen Yachts is that it is still one of the very few shipyards to have everything built in-house. (Image: Heesen Yachts)

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