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Ferrari goes all out to help its communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Industries from all over the world are doing their part to combat against COVID-19 and the luxury automotive industry is no exception. Ferrari is one of the latest to join the foray by helping out its communities during these troubling times.

The Prancing Horse has not been resting on its laurels ever since the global epidemic hit. As it stands, Italy has over 180,000 confirmed cases with over 24,000 deaths. In light of this, Ferrari is responding to the healthcare crisis in the country by agreeing to fund a series of initiatives around the region.

The first respondents will be the immediate communities of Fiorano, Formigine, and Maranello, which is where you will find Ferrari’s factory and museum. Speaking of its factory, this is where Ferrari will be producing respirator valves as well as fittings for protective masks in support of healthcare workers at the frontline. Various hospitals around Italy, including Bergamo, Genoa, Modena, and Sassuolo will be able to expect these in the near future.

COVID-19 test kits along with diagnostic equipment will be made available for the Policlinico di Modena and the hospitals of Baggiovara and Sassuolo. As these are serological and molecular tests, it will provide results in a short time frame, between four to eight hours. In turn, this will help to control and prevent the contagion for the future. An emergency medical service vehicle will also be made available to support the local communities.

Schoolkids will benefit from the donation of various notebooks, tablets, and portable modems to participate in online classes.

However, that isn’t all. Ferrari is also providing neighbouring schools in three towns with notebooks, tablets, and portable modems. This will allow school kids to participate in online classes, which has become the new norm given the current predicament. Ferrari will also be distributing food in the form of vouchers and essential goods for struggling families in the area who are trying to cope.

All images courtesy of Ferrari.

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