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Ferrari debuts its 50th convertible, the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

For as long as anyone can remember, Ferrari is a brand adored by many. The Maranello Prancing Horse is a staple in any luxury garage with its unmistakable black prancing horse on a yellow background. Having been in the luxury automobile industry for over half a decade, Ferrari can do no wrong when it comes to releasing its luxury sports cars for the entire world to enjoy. Its latest addition to the family comes in the shape of the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, the newest addition into the 488 series.

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
It will carry a V8 engine that is known the be Ferrari’s fastest in the world. (Picture: Ferrari)

Considered to be the Rolex of luxury sports cars, the Italian luxury sports cars’ latest trailblazer sets precedence on spider performance with a weight-power ratio of 1.92 kg/cv. It comes to no surprise since the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider houses a V8 engine. Dubbed as Ferrari’s most powerful engine, it was recently named as the Best Engine in the World for its third successive year at the 2018 International Engine of the Year Awards.

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
Breakneck speeds are to be expected with the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider. (Picture: Ferrari)

The 3,902cc twin-turbo V8 is capable of dishing out 530 kW of power at 8,000 rpm and combines that power with increasing torque at all speeds. This allows the car to reach breakneck speeds on the blacktop. It’s open-top configuration also provides a unique engine, making it that much more distinguishable.

Another notable aesthetic of the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider is its livery, which includes a blue central racing stripe. It runs the entire length of the car, expanding at the rear and finishes at the end of the rear wing. It’s joined by 20-inch spoke wheels with a diamond finish and a 10-spoke star effect. Ferrari spares no expense on the materials used in the interiors, incorporating carbon fibre and Alcantara throughout.

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
The cockpit is your traditional modern-day Ferrari cabin. (Picture: Ferrari)

The Ferrari 488 Pista Spider demands perfection, and that is exactly what it got with the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE). It provides an unparalleled driving experience, complete with acceleration, braking, steering, handling, and gear shifting.

A fixed date for its eventual appearance onto the roads have yet to be confirmed as well as its price, but it is available for order now.


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