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Ferrari debuts the Portofino M, a new entry-level convertible GT

Ferrari introduces its latest supercar, the Portofino M in the marque’s first-ever digital launch in its 70-year-plus history.

Given how the global pandemic has created such chaos and uncertainty around the world, many people have had to adapt and adjust to what is considered ‘a new normal’. Of course, that doesn’t stop many of the big names from still introducing their latest creations for the rest of us to grovel over.

Ferrari is one such brand, coming out of COVID-19 with a much better reputation than many others. Its work during the COVID-19 pandemic was instrumental to its neighbouring cities, providing respirator valves, testing kits, and even necessary tech gadgets to students.

ferrari portofino m
The Portofino M is a redefined rendition of its successor of the same name.

The Portofino M is the first supercar created by Ferrari in the wake of the company’s closure during the pandemic. It also surpasses the previous Portofino, being the latest entry-level convertible grand tourer (GT). The Portofino M acts as a sort of reset for the Prancing Horse, bringing back its pursuit of innovation and perfection whilst striving to maintain its heritage and passion. The ‘M’ in its name stands for ‘Modificata’, which in Ferrari nomenclature, refers to cars that have gone through an evolution that brings about a significant boost in performance.

This is evident with its powertrain — the 3,855cc engine is part of the same V8 turbocharged family that was voted the “International Engine of the Year” for four consecutive years (2016 – 2019). The front-mounted 3.9-litre V8 puts out 612hp and 561Nm of torque, matching the recently launched Roma and surpassing its predecessor by a large margin. There is also the rear-mounted, eight-speed dual-clutch transmission instead of the previous seven. However, this does defer from the SF90 Stradale with its longer gear ratios and the introduction of a mechanical reverse gear.

ferrari portofino m
It carries over similar aesthetics but with greater aerodynamics at hand.

Ferrari also keeps its design updates to a minimum, given the generally positive reaction of the Portofino. It maintains its overall shape and sculpture, keeping its four-seater GT cabin intact with a retractable hardtop. This can be raised or lowered in just 15 seconds when the Portofino M is travelling at 40kph. Other notable changes to its latest stylings include resculptured air vents on the front bumper. The rear bumper is also new with a redesigned diffuser, which marks all the changes Ferrari has made to its look.

Moving on to the cabin, you’ll be greeted with the sports steering wheel featuring five-position Manettino, a first for the Prancing Horse GT spider. This brings the inclusion of Race mode to go along with the existing Sport, Wet, Comfort, and ESC-Off settings. These are part and parcel of the Portofino M’s drive systems, which goes well with the Slide Slip Control system.

ferrari portofino m
The interior now features the five-position Manettino.

Aside from the steering, the interior remains fairly the same as its successor, but with the inclusion of optional heated and ventilated front seats. Everything is controlled through the 10.3-inch central touchscreen display while the passenger gets a separate 7-inch display for their own perusing.

The only disappointing piece of news is that the Portofino M will only be available come Spring 2021.

All images courtesy of Ferrari.

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