If you’re looking to bring a slice of Italy with you wherever you go, the Ferrari Roma is that missing piece.

Nuova Dolce Vita — it translates to “the new sweet life” and that is what’s to be expected with the Ferrari Roma. This mid-front V8 2+ coupe is the latest addition to the long line of Ferraris that are currently available in Malaysia, which is all through its official importer and distributor, Naza Italia. Ferrari has long been a brand that closely relates itself back to its heritage and that is evident in its name.

The Ferrari Roma is a quintessentially Italian car with its signature stylings, which presents a contemporary reinterpretation of the carefree lifestyle of mid-twentieth century Rome. Being a grand tourer (GT), the Roma takes after formers before it like the iconic 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso and the 250 GT 2+2. This includes harmonious proportions and elegantly balanced volumes, allowing for an extremely modern design language that underlines its authentic, refined styling. One of its biggest changes would be excluding the iconic Scuderia Ferrari side shields, throwing it back to the company’s road cars in the 1950s.

At the heart of the Roma is the critically-acclaimed F154 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8, known for taking home the ‘International Engine of the Year’ award four years in a row. This gives it 611hp and 760Nm of torque with a top speed of 320kph and does the century lap in just 3.4 seconds. On its rear wheels is where you will find its eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, similar to what you will find on the SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari Roma
The styling cues of the Ferrari Roma are modern yet traditional with classic Ferrari cues taken into account for its design.

Being a GT, the Roma focuses on delivering superior driving pleasure and comfort. Its Maranello engineers developed several leading-edge technologies for the Roma, which includes a mobile rear spoiler integrated into the rear screen. This allows the car to maintain its formal elegance when retracted while also guaranteeing essential downforce when automatically deployed at high speeds. The rear spoiler also comes in three different modes: low drag, medium downforce, and high downforce.

Moving on to the interior, the Roma adopts a modern and design language that was inspired by the sporty elegance shown in grand touring Ferraris back in the 1960s. Its dual-cockpit concept with two separate spaces or cells for both the driver and passenger. The Roma’s cabin provides an asymmetrical structure, ensuring the passenger doesn’t get left out in the experience. Some of the materials you will find scattered across the car like Alcantara and full-grain Frau leather, chromed aluminium, and carbon-fibre is what makes this car ooze elegance, class, and sportiness in a single look.

On the instrument cluster is a curved 16-inch HD touchscreen display that provides you with all the info you will need about the Roma. Its new steering wheel also comes with a series of multi-touch controls that allow the driver to control any aspect of the car without ever taking their hands off the wheel. As for the 8.4-inch HD touchscreen display set in-between the two cockpits, it provides control over infotainment and climate.

You can also include an optional 8.8-inch Full HD touchscreen display on the passenger’s side. This not only displays the car’s performance and stats, but passengers can also interact with the touchscreen display to have full control over sat-nav settings, climate, as well as music selection.

The Ferrari Roma is now available in Malaysia at only RM968,000. Of course, this is before duties, customisation options, taxes and insurance. Be sure to contact the Ferrari Malaysia Showroom for more details or to make an appointment for a private viewing.

All images courtesy of Ferrari.

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