Mercedes-Benz is going big and bold in 2019 with yet another car launch, this time in the all-electric segment. We’ve already seen the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the marque’s first-ever all-electric SUV. This time, the German luxury automaker is focusing more on its luxury sedan cars with the Mercedes-Benz S 560e.

Mercedes-Benz S 560e
The signature grille and the MULTIBEAM LED headlights are back on the Mercedes-Benz S 560e.

When it comes to revealing luxury all-electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz can do no wrong so far. As for the luxury cars segment as a whole, there are plenty to look out for these days as many automakers are steering towards the all-electric capabilities. Not only is it better for the environment, it also allows the usage of newer and greater technology.

Mercedes-Benz S 560e
19-inch light-alloy multi-spoke wheels make up the bottom of the car for some added grit.

The first of its kind in the S-Class lineup, the S 560e is the latest flagship to carry an all-electric hybrid drivetrain while still maintaining its exclusive and luxurious stance. It brings together the finest in a modern luxury limousine coupled with the latest in technology and innovation.

At its core rests the 270kW (367hp) V6 engine with the 120kW EQ Power, giving it a combined total of 390kW (476hp). Fitted alongside the hybrid engine is the 9G TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission as well as an ECO Assist mode for greater economical driving. This allows the car to conserve plenty of fuel without compromising on its performance.

At top speed, the Mercedes-Benz S 560e hits 250kph while a century stretch takes only five seconds. Its estimated EV driving range is around 50km, allowing you to take it to town and back with just a single charge.

Nappa leather is aplenty within the car alongside a walnut wood trim.
A panoramic sliding sunroof is also available for that burst of fresh air and sunlight.

Seeing as it is part of the S-Class range, you can expect the S 560e to redefine modern luxury in a sedan. Nappa leather is wrapped in nearly every inch of the car’s interior while its Exclusive trim package features a high gloss burr walnut wood trim. There is also a Chauffeur package, which gives you a host of adjustment and setting options when it comes to the seating. Climate control is also available in the S 560e as well as various heating options from the seats to the steering wheel and even the armrest.

The Mercedes-Benz S 560e is now available in Malaysia with an estimated price of RM658,888. If you’re looking to class up your collection of luxury cars while still saving the environment, this is a car worth investing in.

All images: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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