Chairman of TSH Resources Berhad and Ekowood International Berhad, Datuk Kelvin Tan is a big fan of fine automobiles. His love for them spans far and wide in his own garage — he even has several Lexus models to boot. Knowing that he appreciates them, we invited him to spend an evening with the new Lexus LS 500.

Time is money when it comes to managing a business — hence it’s important that the passenger area provides the utmost comfort. The new LS 500 excels in this area with its power ottoman rear seats. Recline in comfort and enjoy the relaxing massage features, while keeping in the loop with the 11.6-inch LCD display in front of you.

For someone like Datuk Kelvin Tan who loves looking dapper, the fine details always matter — from the pocket square down to the cufflinks. Fine detailing is also prevalent in the LS 500, which is noticeable as soon as you open the door. Woven onto the doors is hand-pleated folded upholstery. Achieving the pleated look took four years to perfect, as every single sheet of cloth is folded like an origami paper to create that particular effect.

Also on the door is a striking glass ornament inspired by Japanese Kiriko glassware. Kiriko patterns are created by hand cutting clear colours and delicate lines in a piece of glass. At night, the Kiriko glass ornament sparkles even more delightfully from city lights bouncing off it.

See how Datuk Kelvin Tan spent his evening with the Lexus LS 500 in the following pictures, and click the (+) button to find out more.

Photography: NZP.

Special thanks: The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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