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Review: The Lexus LC 500h takes grand touring to a whole new level

In today’s day and age, there are plenty of luxury automobiles out there. While most offer a diverse range of sedans and coupes to attract the right audience, Lexus keeps it simple with three distinct cars for three different sectors. A household name in luxury automobile brands, Lexus was never really known for pushing the boundaries. All that has now changed with the Lexus LC 500h, the brand’s very own grand touring machine.

In a nutshell, a grand tourer focuses on being performance driven and taking on long distance drives. That is exactly what we got to experience first hand during our limited time with the Lexus LC 500h. The possibility of driving at breakneck speeds for long hours would send shivers up many spines, and it did so for us as well. It’s powered by an Atkinson-cycle 3.5-litre V6 with a total output of 354hp.

Lexus LC 500h
The Lexus Multi-Stage Hybrid Drive allows the car to perform the way you want it to without the roar of a grand tourer.

While it may not be as much of a beast as the LC 500, the LC 500h focuses a lot more on its hybrid functions. This is through its drivetrain known as the Multi-Stage Hybrid Drive. It pairs the V6 engine with two electric motors, which in turns makes driving the Lexus LC 500h a dream.

Lexus LC 500h
The interior focuses on premium leather, hand stitched through Lexus takumi masters.

Even its interiors scream splendour with hand-stitched features, right down to the detailing. This is due to Lexus’ takumi masters craftsmanship, which translates to artisanal features. This craftsmanship helps Lexus attain a level of luxury that can’t be found in other luxury cars.  These master craftsmen apply a subtle human touch to every design element and development of Lexus vehicles.

Lexus LC 500h
A driver-centric cockpit ensures the Lexus LC 500h is a joy to behold.

The driver’s cockpit of the Lexus LC 500h also provides a seamless experience, ensuring it to be driver-centric. The digital performance gauges draw inspiration from the Lexus LFA, its other two-seater coupe. Its infotainment system comes with its own set of controls, located on the centre console. This allows you to engage with the GPS, Bluetooth, and other media-related functions.

While it isn’t an ideal choice for your daily commute within the city, the Lexus LC 500h is perfect for weekend getaways. It not only handles like a dream, but it also drives like one with the engine silently purring away.

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