We took the Mercedes-Benz A200 out for a drive and here’s what we think is cool about the uber-cool sedan.

Not every household can ‘afford’ to have one car for each family member. It doesn’t just encompass monetary issues, but also space constraints, insufficient parking and other inconveniences. These are but additional woes to think of when expanding your car collection.

Here’s where the Mercedes-Benz A200 wheels in as a family car of choice. But why?

Mercedes-Benz A200 retails at RM229,888.

Understanding the A-Class

For starters, the A-Class series targets those who don’t mind investing a bit more for an upmarket package. The subcompact luxury range doesn’t compromise on quality and technology despite its relatively lower price bracket compared to the S-Class and C-class.

As for the latest A200 Sedan, it is a good middle-ground for families, especially those who don’t cover a fair mileage but still want practicality and a stylish interior.

Inside is where the A200 stands out from the competition, thanks to technology that has been passed down from larger Mercedes-Benz models, making it feel like a reiterated S-Class on the inside. This fourth-generation release in the diminutive A-Class is no less swanky, easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly.

First Impression

Its most noticeable feature is the twin 10.3-inch touch screens on the dashboard. It’s considerably more futuristic and high-tech than smaller displays used by its competitors.

The interiors of the vehicle is equal parts sporty and modern.

The rotary dial that controlled the entertainment of the old A-Class is now replaced with a touchpad that has haptic feedback. Minute vibrations give you the feeling of a dial. All the monitors are also arranged for easy reference and scrolling — you can navigate through the maps, select your favourite tunes or adjust the ambience at your comfort fuss-free.

The vehicle also implements similar advanced MBUX software that ‘learns’ your behaviour thanks to artificial intelligence. It creates an emotional connection between the car, driver and passengers.

When it comes to design, the A200 excels with a puristic design style that seamlessly fit the design idiom of Sensual Purity. This includes clear formal shapes emphasising surface areas with reduced lines and precise gaps. It also has the proportions of a dynamic and compact limousine car with short front and rear overhangs. Internally, it is redefined with a mouth of modernity. The wing-shaped main body of the dashboard extends from one front door to the other with no visual discontinuity. The air vents in a sporty turbine look are another highlight you’d want to marvel at.

The air vents are quite remarkable aesthetically, lending a sporty look to the interiors of the A200.

For Long Distance Drives

Of course, the A200 is easily a top choice for road trips. At the heart of the car lies a 1.4-litre engine, generating 163hp and 250Nm of torque. It glides smoothly through the highway but with a deep rumbling sound that may be evident during the drive. The noise, however, is easily masked by the atmospheric sound of music on your playlist.

We also like how the A200 is fashioned with its customisable settings of up to three presents when it comes to configuring the inclination, height and position of your seats. If you’re taking turns to change drivers — we know how long-distance drives can be taxing — it takes a touch of a button to your seating position from point A to point B.

Boot space is also impressive, an important factor for a family car.

And sometimes when sharing cars become a constant in the family or among friends, adjusting the seat, fiddling with the right height for the perfect vantage point and everything else in between can become quite a hassle. The A200 resolves all of that and more.

(All images: Mercedes-Benz)

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