Whoever said that being eco-friendly is not sexy has obviously never seen the Mercedes-Benz C350e. Being sustainable and saving the Earth is currently the most woke thing you can do, starting with swapping your plastic straws for metal ones and driving a hybrid or electric car. But while being eco-friendly is commonly used in the same breath as minimalism, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice luxury when you’re trying to save the Earth.

We got to test drive the Mercedes-Benz C350e plug-in hybrid recently, and it certainly convinced us that luxury and eco-friendliness could go hand-in-hand. Fans of the C-Class series would have already known that the C350e is the plug-in hybrid version that replaces the C300. Powering the car is a 2.0-litre M274 petrol engine with 211hp and 350Nm. The electric part is powered by a 6.2 kWh lithium-ion battery that allows the car to travel over 31km on just electric.

The charging port of the Mercedes-Benz C350e is located at the rear bumper. (Picture: Mercedes-Benz)

A full charge from the dedicated wall box takes approximately an hour and 45 minutes. You can also charge it from your regular socket at home, which will just take an additional few hours. Mercedes-Benz has decided to place the charging port at the rear bumper of the car, which shortens the length between port and charging box especially if you opt for a reverse parking position.

Aesthetically, the C350e is not too different from the rest of its C-Class siblings. The interior is still lavish with plush leather seats and a blue light trim. The button to switch between modes — hybrid, e-save, e-mode, and charge — is located to the left of the control knob. While it’s not the safest to adjust the settings mid-drive, it’s easy and seamless enough to switch when the car is stationary.

The total combined system output is 275hp with 600Nm. (Picture: WhichCar)

On the road, the C350e performs well in hybrid mode when it comes to speeding up. However, limitations are to be expected in full-electric mode — its top speed is just 130kph, so it’s not advisable to do a ‘fast and furious’ on the highway. Otherwise, cruising through the city traffic on full-electric mode and this will be the best planet-saving automobile you’ll have. Here’s a little trivia for you — the C350e apparently only emits 48g of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

Changing between hybrid and electric modes are practically seamless. (Picture: Electro Motive LA)

Generally speaking, the Mercedes-Benz C350e is a great option to consider when you want to make the transition from hybrid to electric. It gives you the option to switch between the two, making for better fuel efficiency and sustainable living. It won’t cramp your style too, as the C-Class is still one of the higher-tier options out there unless you want to go all out and consider the S-Class hybrids. While we’re not sure when we get to see the Concept EQ come to life, the C350e plug-in is your next best option at the present moment.


PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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