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Review: The Bentley Continental GT proves itself to be the ultimate grand tourer

Luxury cars are a dime a dozen these days. Everywhere you look, you’ll be able to spot one. Some of the more common brands include Mercedes-Benz and BMW while more upscale brands like Aston Martin and Lamborghini make an appearance now and then. However, one car you rarely see on the road is a Bentley. You’ll have to be extremely fortunate to see one, especially if it’s the Bentley Continental GT.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to take it for a cruise around town for the day and dare we say, it holds up to be the quintessential grand tourer of the luxury car segment. Being a highly sought-after coupé, it’s no surprise that the Bentley Continental GT draws attention from everyone around it.

Bentley Continental GT
The Bentley Continental GT is the car to see and be seen.

It’s one thing to feast your eyes on a grand tourer of this stature; it’s another thing entirely to drive it. It’s normally driven by high-profile celebrities, sporting athletes, and CEOs alike. The Continental GT is a car that doesn’t require any attention yet still hogs the limelight from the moment it leaves the garage.

Expertly Crafted

On the exterior, the Bentley Continental GT has a timeless look. It’s sleek, elegant, and classy in all the right places. One of the first things that will catch your eye is its bright chrome radiator matrix grille with chrome surround and centre bar. The car also came with the optional lower bumper matrix-style grille for an added bite to its attitude. It’s arguably one of the finer grilles you will ever see on a supercar, and with good reason.

Bentley Continental GT
Flanked on its sides are the new crystal-effect LED lamps, which are complemented by its signature oval-shaped tail lights at the rear.

The Bentley Continental GT is massive, to say the least. It weighs two tonnes and has a 112-inch wheelbase. Thankfully, it still looks and feels like a premium two-door grand tourer with all the trimmings. It rides on 22-inch v-shaped 10-spoke alloy wheels, which is an optional upgrade from the regular 21-inch.

The finishing touch on the car is at the rear with a deployable spoiler. This can be retracted at any given time but when driven at a certain speed, it automatically deploys for greater aerodynamics. The design of the Bentley Continental GT is all about aerodynamics, hence its sleek and sharp outlook.

Greatness Awaits Within

As you open the door and step in, you’re greeted by a brightly lit Bentley LED logo with its name engraved onto the door’s floor panels. Bentley is all about creating a luxury experience like no other, and it shows. There is plenty for your eyes to feast on so its best to take it one at a time.

Bentley Continental GT
The interior features plenty of modern aesthetics with a slight hint of classical cues.

The Bentley Continental GT is all about customisation. However, do note that it will set you back a pretty penny. That said, Bentley implores that you give it your very own personalised touch. We were lucky enough to witness firsthand what a customised Bentley Continental GT will look like.

Its upholstery seating and door inserts feature premium semi-aniline leather with hand cross-stitching. Even the steering wheel is hide trimmed with a duotone hand stitch. This goes to show the amount of detail put into the car. Moving onto the centre console and dashboard, this is where Bentley really shines.

First, the dual veneers. It holds a natural grain of wood contrasting against a clean and minimalist Grand Black. The two colours are separated by a single 3mm Chrome Pinstripe, which traces a ring around the cabin. At the heart of the cabin is the Bentley Rotating Display, which is a gorgeous piece of technology.

With just a push of a button, you can have three different looks for the Bentley Continental GT. The first fascia panel is the default 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen, which gives you access to the inner workings of the car. The next panel is a classically-styled instrument cluster with three analogue dials and lastly, a clean, veneer-only face for an uninterrupted flow of wood across the dashboard.

Superior Technological Advancements

Bentley Continental GT
The touchscreen display can be activated with a push of a button.

The electronics of the Bentley Continental GT are something else. Right below the dashboard rests its wide centre console, which is where the magic happens. Aside from its push-to-start button, there are plenty of other features on the centre console. Aside from being able to adjust the climate within the cabin, you can also switch your preferred driving mode with the rotating wheel.

The touchscreen also has its fair share of upgrades, one of which features an optional massage chair function. From here, you can also adjust the ambient lighting in the cabin as well as accessing various media-related applications. One of these includes Apple CarPlay. Now you can connect your Apple devices to the car directly via USB or Bluetooth and be able to utilise apps like Spotify and Waze to the fullest on the touchscreen display.

Bentley is also capable of keeping certain traditional touches that are sacred to the marque. At the very heart of the console rests an analogue clock and right below it, two knobs that control the airflow. All of the air-conditioning ducts in the car comes with the same knobs that were present even in previous Bentleys from years ago.

Clean & Smooth Drive

For a car that weighs over two tonnes, the Bentley Continental GT handles like a dream. At the belly of this gorgeous beast lies a completely new 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo engine, producing 626hp and 900Nm of torque. As a result, it can run the century sprint in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 333kph.

Bentley Continental GT
The car is capable of hitting a top speed of 333kph.

This is thanks to the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, which allows for smoother and faster gear changes. While the Bentley Continental GT is a behemoth in terms of size, it was still comfortable enough to drive around town without any worries. The pace of the car is astounding, given its weight. It takes steep corners with extreme ease, giving you greater control than one can expect.

Don’t let its size fool you as well; the Bentley Continental GT roars to life when you put the pedal to the metal. While achieving its top speed is nearly impossible given the traffic congestions within KL, it’s easy enough to see just fast it can go when given enough room. The car also makes driving much easier for you with a host of driving assistance features.

Bentley Continental GT
There are plenty of driving assistance features to make your journeys all the more pleasurable.

Lane Assist will ensure the car sticks to its lane at all times. If it detects any drifts across multiple lanes, it will gently steer you back into position. Blind Spot Assist will also make sure to notify you when it’s safe to switch lanes. Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the better features of the Bentley Continental GT, making it that much easier to drive without actually driving the car.

Great for long-distance drives, you can simply set a pre-set speed for the car to travel to. While many luxury cars already have cruise control, Bentley’s very own technology takes it a step further. It can detect cars ahead of you due to its long-range sensors, ensuring you keep a safe distance. It will also bring the car to a complete halt during traffic jams or when you’re stuck at the light.


All in all, the Bentley Continental GT is a car worth having, especially if you have the funds for it. With more than an RM2 million price tag, you’ll definitely be shelling out more for personalised customisations. However, it is worth noting that Bentley makes up for its price with luxury materials and innovative technologies, making it a must-have in your garage.

All images courtesy of Bentley.

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