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Splurge: Tear down the streets in this RM78,366 Cervélo P5X Lamborghini bicycle

If you have a love for automobiles and triathlons, then you’re in luck. The two worlds have banded together to create a speedy bicycle that’s made for triathlons. We’re talking about Canadian cycling brand Cervélo teaming up with Lamborghini to come up with the limited-edition Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition.

Cervélo P5X
The Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition was introduced at the recent Geneva International Motor Show.

The collaboration of this triathlon-approved bicycle marks Lamborghini’s first foray into the world of bicycles, and they couldn’t have picked a better brand to do it with. Cervélo is renowned for producing the world’s lightest and fastest bicycles favoured by most professional athletes. This was especially evident during the Beijing Olympics, where 10 out of the 40 athletes riding them won medals — including three golds.

The Cervélo P5X series, in particular, won acclaim as the fastest triathlon bike in the world and also among the most expensive. So when the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition was recently unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, we were not surprised to find it priced at a cool US$20,000.

Cervélo P5X
There are only 25 models of the P5X Lamborghini edition made.

On the surface, the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition is easily identifiable with the Italian automobile maker. The yellow that the P5X sport is the same one that Lamborghini is known for, while the Y-prints that are usually seen on the brand’s cars are seen on the P5X.

As for why the bike is adorned with such bold paint, Cervélo managing director Robert de Jonge said this: “Our triathletes lead the charge when it comes to racing, and now, with this stunning bike, they can stand out from the crowd even more emphatically.”

Cervélo P5X
The P5X series of bicycles are popular amongst triathletes.

Standing out from the crowd is correct because no more than 25 athletes (or collectors) will be able to get the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition. That’s right, only 25 models will be in existence, which makes every scent of your RM78,366 count. Oh, and the bike comes with a free carrying case too.

Find out more about the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini edition here.

(Images: Cervélo)

Splurge: Tear down the streets in this RM78,366 Cervélo P5X Lamborghini bicycle

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