Every year, car enthusiasts will always look forward to international car shows around the world, all of which comes with its own distinctive identity that separates it from the hoi polloi. The Geneva International Motor Show is one such annual auto show, having made its mark since 1905. Last year’s edition saw plenty of both production and concept cars making its way to the show and this year isn’t going to be any different.

Each annual auto show follows a certain theme and in the case of the Geneva International Motor Show, it is all about exotic super cars. From full-on production cars to the more elaborate concept pieces, high-end automakers know no boundaries when it comes to displaying its latest creations for the world to see.

The Geneva International Motor Show is expected to run from 7 March until 17 March so that leaves you with 10-days worth of goodness, especially if you’re an enthusiast. As there will be plenty of cars to look forward to, we’ve rounded up six supercars that will be worth the wait.


Hero Image: Bugatti, Feature Image: McLaren