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Could a Tesla e-bike be a thing of reality as early as 2021?

Calling out all Tesla fans.

The American designer Kendall Toerner has imagined what a Tesla electric bike could be like with a concept he has even dubbed the “Model B.” But could this concept be enough to make Elon Musk change his mind and take the plunge into the e-bike market?

Image credit: Kendall Toerner

One of Kendall Toerner’s latest concepts certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. The creation in question is an e-bike directly inspired by the Tesla company and its vehicles. The “Model B” concept has a sleek, futuristic look, echoing the style of a Model 3.

Image credit: Kendall Toerner

As well as the design, the concept also innovates with its two motors — one for each wheel — which could prove particularly handy for riding up hills with ease. Kendall Toerner has also imagined some autopilot features suitable for an e-bike. These include all-round radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors covering the front, back and sides of the bike to detect other cycles, cars, potholes, bumps and more. At any time, riders can flip into “autonomous” mode. And in all cases, a screen shows riders the route to follow.

In 2018, Elon Musk said that Tesla might very well build an electric bike one day. Since then, there’s been no news. And yet, with e-bikes taking off around the world and given Tesla’s skills and knowledge in the field of electric batteries, the American manufacturer would undoubtedly have something impressive to offer.

More on the “Tesla Model B”: kendalltoerner.com/project/tesla-modelb

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.