Are we ready for a fully self-driving car? Well, we don’t know about you…but Tesla is.

Through a new software update, Tesla vehicles will be able to recognize speed signs and automatically adjust their speed. It’s a further step in the brand’s path towards 100%

In its latest update (2020.36), Tesla offers owners an improvement in speed assistance. From now on, the system will be able to detect speed limit signs thanks to the different cameras present on the car. These signs will then be automatically displayed in the driving display field and will be used to automatically regulate the vehicle’s speed. It should also be noted that it will become possible to adjust the cruise control or autopilot setting directly to the current speed with a simple press on the speed limit sign.

Another new feature is a chime. This is actually an audible alert that will sound when a light turns green and it’s time to restart. If Tesla is positioned behind another car, the chime will only sound once the car starts moving.

All these new features are obviously only applicable for drivers with a Tesla with the Autopilot option. As always with the American manufacturer, this update will be deployed gradually and some owners will still have to wait a few days or weeks before being able to take advantage of it.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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