The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is considered to be one of the largest auto shows in America, and rightfully so. It’s held every year at Detroit, Michigan since its inception in 1899. For years the NAIAS has been going strong with the 2018 edition showcasing a total of 69 car launches.

Unfortunately, that number has since dwindled down to just 30 for the 2019 edition after being eclipsed by CES 2019, which is perfect for automakers to showcase their upcoming concept vehicles. This has led to the NAIAS to reaching a record low in attendance with a total of over 770,000 people. This was four percent lower than 2018, which saw a crowd of over 800,000 in attendance.

To make matters worse, many automakers were missing from NAIAS, most notably BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi to name a few. However, this did not stop the NAIAS from doing what it does best and that’s putting on a good show for the audience through various car reveals.

Scroll down below to check out five cars that made the most buzz during the recent NAIAS.