Car enthusiasts are spoiled for choice these days with different types of cars to choose from. Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and coupes are just some of the popular types that you will find on the roads. There are also different variations of said types, whether it’s with two or four doors. With that said, 4-door coupes are having a resurgence with many people vying for such vehicles that are built for both comfort and speed.

4-door coupes encapsulate the best of both worlds, giving you the speed that coupes are known for with the body of a modern-day sedan. However, don’t let its elongated shape fool you as many coupes are known to carry some serious horsepower.

Intercontinental car makers pride themselves on packing its 4-door coupes with enough power to burn rubber while still ensuring the passengers are comfortable throughout the entire journey. These coupes are sometimes known as the modern-day limousine cars, which are usually chauffeur-driven.

What’s great about these coupes is its ability to act as both a weekday and weekend car. This allows you to actually save space and money on having to splash on another vehicle when you have one that can do both. Be sure to scroll down to see which 4-door coupes do you fancy taking for a spin.