For many of us, driving luxury cars is already considered a passion. However, there are some of us who prefer to be driven around. Chauffeur-driven cars are in a class of its own with a level of luxury many sedans just cannot compare with. Usually, there are plenty of different features that are more distinct towards the passengers rather than the drivers itself.

These features range from turning your cabin into your own personal mobile home office to even your private entertainment cabin.  Modern day limousines now adopt a more sedan-like approach with the main difference being a longer wheelbase. Through this, it also offers much more space in the backseat cabin as opposed to your regular sedans.

Because of this, the use of traditional limousines has since died down tremendously. Gone are the jet black, gargantuan wheelbase cars that stretch several parking spots at once. While you can still find these cars in other countries, it never caught on in Asian countries, and with good reason.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your daily sedan to a modern-day limo, scroll on down below to find out what each car has to offer.