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The Volkner Mobil RV is your one-stop road trip vehicle

RVs and motorhomes are rare commodities in Malaysia, unlike in the Western world. It is common practice for families to rent one and venture into the great outdoors in a motor home and set up camp at the many RV camps that places like the US will have. Of course, you will be stuck driving the RV as that is the only mode of transportation. However, the Volkner Mobil RV changes all that.

The car sits perfectly at the centre of the Volkner Mobil RV

While luxury motorhomes and RVs are nothing new, the Volkner Mobil RV is one step ahead of the curve. It is capable of carrying your favourite sports car in its mini garage without a problem. From a Porsche 911 to a BMW i8, nothing is too much for it. This is due to its hydraulically-powered sliding platform garage, which allows the car to be stored with ease.

The RV also comes with all the trimmings of a luxury mobile home. Expect a fully furnished bedroom and kitchen to even a lounge and a large bathroom. This addition to a luxury mobile home turns pop-up tents and every other accessory into a minor detail at best.

Everything you would need in an RV is provided in the Volkner Mobil RV

The interior is also topped off with the finest leather and wood combination to give the Volkner Mobil RV a touch of class, much like any luxury supercar or a yacht. At 40 feet long, it is easily one of the largest RVs ever to be built. If you’re worried about theft, fret not as it does come with its own set of security cameras and alarms, ensuring that your prized possession will remain safe in the garage.

A state-of-the-art entertainment system will also come in-built with the Volkner Mobil RV.  The starting price for this behemoth is at US$1.75 million and it is completely customisable to your liking.


Wi-Liam Teh
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