Convertibles have long been known to strike at the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere. There’s just something about a drop-top sports car speeding down the freeway without a care in the world. While it may not be practical in certain countries due to bad weather, convertible supercars are very much still a favourite amongst many.

Overall, there are two types of convertibles in the market. Soft tops are the original configurations, which are usually raised or lowered by a push of a button or manually by hand. It is much lighter and softer while still insulating the cabin from exterior sounds and climate.

Unfortunately, soft tops are slowly fading away from existence with the introduction of its hard-top counterparts. It came into the market thanks to Mercedes-Benz, who introduced it to the first-generation SLKs. The only downside that comes with hard-top counterparts is its weight distribution, which affects the overall handling performance of the cars.

After much time, designers and engineers have found a way to fold hard-top roofs, which usually reside in mid-engine supercars. Of course, one does still have the option to keep the roof up at all times but when the weather agrees with you, it’s hard to say otherwise with a convertible at hand.