As far as consumer technology goes, TVs have come a long way since the days of chunky CRT monitors. These days, TVs as we know it has gone through an extensive transformation. With the likes of the yearly Consumer Electronics Show, we get a glimpse of just how TVs have evolved since its inception. Modern-day technology now allows us to have large widescreen TVs in our own living space, some of which will rival a home theatre system.

But this goes just beyond size because as many would know by now, size isn’t everything. Most of these large widescreen TVs come with a host of features and applications, which essentially makes it a smart TV as well. But that isn’t all; the hardware and software within said TVs are what make or break it.

Picture quality is also another aspect of just how far technology within TVs has come. It’s not unusual to see TVs carrying 4K resolution displays as well as 8K, which is currently being rolled out for the near future. Large widescreen TVs are now at the pinnacle of the consumer electronics industry, and it can only go higher from here.

If you’re looking to upgrade on your current TV, scroll down to check out the top five large widescreen TVs that are or will be available in the near future.