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5 Reasons why ArtFriend is your trusted companion in the world of art

Technology and art have long been partners in crime. Some may argue that the two are one and the same especially after the digital revolution, when people had become more dependent on consumer technology and personal gadgets. Design is key when considering computers or mobile phones, not just for the looks but for the practicality in packing in all that hardware. However, how has technology impacted traditional art forms like fine art or sculpture and how has their world changed in this new digital age?

Artfriend is an online marketplace and app for enthusiasts and collectors alike. From communication to product purchasing, the app brings every aspect of the art collection process into the digital space. It adds many more layers to the experience even though you are outside of the gallery. Here are five reasons why we think you should download ArtFriend now.


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Exposure is education

Art collecting is very much about accessibility and with ArtFriend you can now view thousands and thousands of artworks from over 22 countries, bringing down the barriers to discovering new and exciting artists from around the world. You can also act as your own gallerist and curate your favourite pieces in folders or wishlists. For beginners, ArtFriend is a convenient way to start one’s journey towards learning about art — what they like or don’t like. Sharing or promoting art in bite-sized pieces is also convenient for those who might not have had time to peruse a gallery or make it to the exhibition.


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Try before you buy

ArtFriend saves you a lot of time and money. Regardless of what you purchsase, collecting art can already an expensive process. From the logistics to bring your art home or even flying around the world to physically at an exhibition or auction. So nothing is worse than buying art and seeing it doesn’t fit or style well on your wall. With ArtFriend’s camera feature, you can take the image of the artwork and superimpose on your own wall space through you phone, to see if you like it. It is essentially a digital ‘try it before you buy’ tool for art collectors.

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Swipe and like

Like Tinder for art enthusiasts — instead of a potential partner — swipe artwork and like ones that catch your eye. After that you can begin having a conversation with the gallery that the piece is housed in. This gives you the convenience to establish a relationship with a gallerist and ask questions immediately. Art galleries can also be intimidating for new buyers. You may not feel comfortable with the questions you want to ask or feel pressured into a sale. ArtFriend removes all those inhibitions and gives you the freedom to ask anything you need to before you make any decisions to make a deal.

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Hidden gems

ArtFriend has exponential use for those selling art as well. For example, galleries have limited wall space to exhibit works. With most galleries holding hundreds of artworks in storage, some rarely get the chance to be seen properly. ArtFriend allows galleries the opportunity to show and sell these artworks beyond their four walls giving them a chance to find a new home as well.

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Part of the community

Joining a community made up of art collectors and artists alike is extremely helpful in developing your understanding of art and the app allows you to communicate to more people who are knowledgeable about the subject than ever before. Furthermore, ArtFriend provides location-based notifications of art fairs, art leases and exhibitions happening around you so that you are always informed of the art world and can keep broadening your horizons in it.





Tengku Muzhaffar Petra
Watches and Culture Editor
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