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A wish-list of tech upgrades we’d like to see in 2019

If 2018 was anything to go by, there’s a lot to look forward to in the techsphere in 2019. Technology seemed to have turned the corner last year, with several digital integrations gaining prominence in daily life. Although not all of them were for the best (remember Instagram’s infamous ‘swipe-right’ feed layout, and Facebook’s fiasco regarding personal information being disclosed), there were some that stole the limelight and ones we’d like to see more evolved forms of this year. These five have topped our list.

Futuristic foldable smartphones
Royole Foldable smartphone
Royole Foldable smartphone

After Samsung and Royole teased us with prototypes for the first ever foldable smartphone, everyone was asking the question: How tough can a flexible screen be? Samsung and Royole (which already has an official retail date) however seem to have plumbed the depths of this conundrum with practical designs – the phones are shaped the way a standard smartphone is, but fold like a leather wallet.

The last time such excitement was seen for a smartphone was when the iPhone X’s dual camera and portrait features completely changed the landscape of smartphone photography. So, could foldable smartphones be 2019’s next tech milestone?

Improved augmented reality
Virtual Reality
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A concept inspired by the classic Oculus Rift is now integrated into smartphones. The iPhone XS Max took this to the next level by allowing you to customise your augmented reality experience with a range of characters, animations and personalised ‘animojis’, and other rear-cam features. Currently Snapchat and Apple both are going head to head in terms of innovation, striving to make the experience more interactive and entertaining. Some Snapchat features allow you to play games and interact with other users too, while Apple is focusing on improving the animojis and customisations.

Virtual reality could actually be completely tailored to meet a user’s experience. Elements like location, animations, other users, and themes are currently open to customisation, leading to much better control. With improved graphics and better gyroscopic and tachometric capabilities, virtual reality could be 2019’s digital hype if the user could be allowed to design and curate his experience as per preference.

Digital integration and supportAlexa

Let’s admit it: We’re all helplessly dependent on technology. Artificial intelligence and digital integration are increasingly leaning towards supporting day-to-day activity – Alexa and Siri are strong examples. Be it in the corner of your room or in your shirt pocket, they’re the quintessential digital assistants in an urban household today. What enthusiasts have increasingly come to expect, however, are more personalised and natural responses, and that’s the gap Apple, Google, and other AI brands are trying to bridge here. The point of artificial intelligence isn’t just to be an internet search engine anymore.

Smartwatches being a better digital extension
Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon
Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon

Smartwatches are efficient, elegant, and built to serve a purpose. But what could we expect from smartwatches next? Better social integration for one. Apple’s ECG feature turned heads last November, giving us reason to expect more healthcare and safety features from our smartwatches.

Convenient cloud storage and data security


The least we can expect from a social media platform or a Cloud service is respect for privacy. Tech platforms need to have constant regard for a user’s privacy, especially where aggressive advertising is concerned. Cloud storage and personal information are, of course, two separate subjects, but in a way they share the same premise of personal information being uploaded onto the internet. Cloud services by Apple and Google are the key players – aside from just being secure, they could also aim for more convenience in terms of having the same ease of accessibility across all devices. Essentially, having all your devices in perfect real-time sync with each other.

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