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Atilia Haron, Theebaan G and Adam Lobo share their experiences switching to iPhone

Can you live a day without your smartphone? We speak to new iPhone users Atilia Haron, Theebaan Govidasamy, and Adam Lobo on what they like about the Apple device and how it has helped them in their daily activities.

We rely so much on our smartphones. I for one am guilty as charged — using my iPhone for almost everything; to check-in on MySejahtera everywhere I go, to make payments, to indulge in social media, and even to order food. Beyond that, the iPhone has been an integral part of everyday life — from work to communication, fitness to health.

For new iPhone users Atilia Haron, Theebaan Govidasamy, and Adam Lobo, switching to iOS recently has given them a new perspective on what Apple devices can do to help them in their daily routine. 

Singer Atilia has always been a Mac user — for her music and other work related matters. As a new iPhone user now, she enjoys writing songs on Notes and also recording voice notes. “I actually record my loops and program my songs on Garage Band through my phone too,” she adds.

Atilia Haron is a seasoned singer and a yoga instructor.

Another favourite feature of hers on the iPhone is how it pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch. While the health and fitness functionalities are pivotal to her daily lifestyle as an ardent yogi, Atilia recommends the “Camera Remote” app as something pragmatic during the lockdown.

“I live alone, and I’m always taking pictures for postings. Ever since I got my Apple Watch Series 6, I don’t need anybody else,” she adds. The timer feature and how she can navigate everything from her Apple Watch makes it easy to control with the tap of a button.

Like Atilia, actor and former national athlete, Theebaan also switches over to iPhone 12 this year. He admits that he is someone who prefers to incorporate as much tech into his daily life. From his phone and laptop, to his smart home system, Theebaan tries to automate as many things — as seamless as he could — to keep that part of his lifestyle fuss free.

Theebaan Govidasamy is a former national athlete, SEA Games medalist, and actor.

“That said, the device that brings all these features together is the phone in your hand, and I pay a lot of attention to my daily driver. And the one issue I’ve always had was ‘app compatibility’,” he shares. “Applications made for iOS are almost always better than their counterparts. So the decision to switch over was a simple one,” adds Theebaan who enjoys the video quality taken on the iPhone.

YouTuber Adam Lobo on the other hand has been a Mac user for 19 years. While the Apple ecosystem has been oh-so familiar to his workflow, he has never owned an iPhone until earlier this year.

Adam Lobo is a well-known YouTuber who focuses on tech reviews.

“It has improved my overall productivity!” he exclaims. “From continuity features between the iPhone and the MacBook Pro to even the iPad Pro, it has increased the speed of my work tremendously. And the AirDrop function makes it even more seamless.”

We speak to the trio on their experiences using the iPhone 12, especially during the lockdown.

(Photo: Adam Lobo)

How do you incorporate the iPhone into day-to-day activities without compromising on productivity?

Atilia: I don’t think I can go through my day without my iPhone. I now use iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone SE. All three have different jobs for me and ‘they’ work seamlessly as one family. ‘They’ are my yoga studio basically; the iPhone 12 Pro Max as my classroom, the iPhone 11 Pro as my cameraman, and iPhone SE as my secretary. That’s how I run my classes with my iPhones.

Adam: I have been more active on Instagram now since the pandemic. And I love how optimised social media apps like Instagram are on an iOS device because of the added features like inserting music on IG Stories to bigger features like providing the best-uncompressed image for an IG post. I also see an increase in quality and the overall engagement for my posting now on Instagram compared to before.

How has the iPhone helped you during the lockdown?

Adam: Before the pandemic, it was just a flight and drive away but unfortunately, that’s not the case at this point in time. So it’s all through FaceTime with my iPad Pro. It has such an amazing screen quality. The microphones, and the video quality are also currently the best compared to any other tablets that I’ve reviewed so far. Loved ones feel like they are in the room with you.

Theebaan: Definitely being in constant contact with my siblings and loved ones through multiple apps available on the iPhone. My dailies include Messages, FaceTime, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Atilia: FaceTime and Messages are a blessing for me. I get to see my friends and family during festivities and special occasions, and we’d have long group talks. I was just partying with my girls on FaceTime last night.

Atilia enjoys the FaceTime feature, having chat parties with her girls.
What are the key features you’re excited to explore on the upcoming iOS 15 when it goes live later this Fall?

Theebaan: With FaceTime opening up its usage to non-Apple users, looks like the battle for top video chat app is up for grabs. I’m looking forward to this new feature on the iOS 15 update — I can finally FaceTime with my little sister who is my only sibling not on iPhone.

Atilia: Definitely the SharePlay. I’ll be able to share more of my songs and have a listening party at the same time.

Adam: Like Atilia, I’m pretty excited with the upcoming iOS 15 SharePlay update to have simultaneous movie watching sessions with some of my friends abroad.

Exciting updates on the upcoming iOS 15, which include the SharePlay feature.

Find out more about the exciting features on the iOS 15 here.

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