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BBalance: The world’s first smart bath mat lands on Indiegogo

This could be the world’s first smart bath mat and it’s called BBalance.

French startup Baracoda has developed what it claims is the very first connected bath mat. Called BBalance, it is capable of analyzing a whole slew of data about its users; in addition to weight, it can process information about posture and more. Then it can send the owners advice via their mobile phones about how to improve their positioning.

BBalance has the ability to instantly recognize each user through its intelligent collection of data for each individual, including weight, body composition, as well as posture and balance.

BBalance assesses these health clues through pressure mapping of your feet and artificial intelligence technology. This allows the bath mat to be much more than just a connected scale. For example, it is able to detect poor posture, help the user practice bathroom exercises to improve it as well as send them a whole host of personalized recommendations, all via a dedicated mobile app.

Ahead of its launch, the BBalance smart bath mat is the subject of a participatory funding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The bath mat is available there in pre-orders from US$229 (RM1,240). The first deliveries are scheduled for April 2022.


All images by BBalance. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews