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It’s not like we can just swipe and head out for a date now.

A lot of us are single, and now, a lot of us are single and in a lockdown, too. Dating app Bumble has luckily introduced new tools to help users date even from the comforts of their home. So, keep “bumbling” and dating even during the stay-at-home order because virtual dating might just be the new normal. Flicker through and find the new tools from this app that’s been designed specially to connect with other people, from across the nation, all via this platform.

Due to nationally ordered social distancing mandates, dating is becoming a bit more difficult. For those looking for love, their search has been forced to become completely digitized from the first conversation to the first date to whatever comes next. To make this transition easier for its users, Bumble recently announced a series of tools designed to make completely digital dating more accessible.

The most significant update to the platform is the ability for users to expand their distance filters to the whole country, and because everyone across the US has been ordered to stay at home, there’s not much difference between virtually dating someone in your hometown or someone a few states away.

While video chatting has been available on Bumble for a while now, users can now put a designated “Virtual Date Badge” on their profiles so that other people know that they’re willing to go on some digital dates since they’re not for everyone. According to the company, “Every time someone adds the Virtual Dating badge, Bumble will make a donation to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Fund, because staying home saves lives.”

Users can also now leave audio notes for their matches which they can listen to whenever they please.

All new additions are available now on the Bumble app.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.