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Digital edge: Montblanc Augmented Paper digitises your handwritten notes

Digitisation begets convenience, but there are just some analogue things that can’t be replaced as much as the digital revolution tries to. The smell of new books, for one, or scribbling notes on a notebook (yes, we know e-books and note-taking apps exist, but let us luddites revel in nostalgia).

If you miss taking notes, but dislike the hassle of re-typing them while struggling to decode your messy writing, Montblanc’s latest Augmented Paper could be your answer. The luxury stationery pad is the union between physically taking notes, and being able to have them neatly decoded and stored digitally on your tablet or smartphone.

MontBlanc Augmented Paper
Definitely not your average notebook.

Using an updated Montblanc StarWalker pen, the paper is stored in a leather folder case. To write, just switch on the pad, and and everything you jot down will be transmitted to an app, Montblanc Hub, via Bluetooth. It doesn’t require a socket, or Wi-Fi to work.

Its battery span is one week, and has memory storage of up to 100 pages before needing to be transferred to your phone or laptop. The app allows you to tag and search for your notes, as well as export them in various formats. The kit costs US$725 (S$968.90), and will be available locally in October.

Whether you deem it excessive and unnecessary, or a nifty way to retain the tactile in an age where everything comes reflected off a screen, the Montblanc Augmented Paper remains a novel way to merge writing tablets with physical notebooks.


Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
Beatrice Bowers writes about beauty, drinks, and other nice things. When not bound to her keyboard, she moonlights as a Niffler for novels and can be found en route to bankruptcy at your nearest bookstore. Don't tell her boss.
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