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Dyson is fast becoming a major player when it comes to the beauty and home technology segment in the market. The brilliant mind of James Dyson and his entire team has transcended what many know of the brand into a powerhouse over the past few years. From air purifiers to vacuum cleaners and even its hair dryers, these products have received praises for numerous reasons.

But that doesn’t mean it plans to stay stagnant; in an industry which is constantly looking for innovation, the British tech company have introduced its latest wave of devices that are aimed at improving the lives of people while solving everyday issues.

This brings us to the Dyson Regional Technology Launch 2019 in Singapore, which saw the unveiling of the Dyson Pure Cool Me, the upgraded Dyson Cyclone V11, and the Dyson Lightcycle. As one can see, all three of the latest products are aimed at home improvement.

Unfortunately, there was no glimpse of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer or the air wrap hair curler, which are arguably two of its biggest products in the beauty and hair care industry right now. With that said, it isn’t resting on its laurels if its home care items are of any indication.

To summarise what the three latest products are capable of, the Pure Cool Me is your personal air purifier that will blow you away; the Cyclone V11 is the latest cordless vacuum cleaner that will suck the life out of you; and the Lightcycle is your own personal light stand that will light up your life.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

The Dyson Pure Cool is your home’s very own purifying fan. Dyson has since taken it a step further with the Dyson Pure Cool Me. This personal air purifier is a lot smaller as compared to its predecessor but still maintains the same level of performance. These bladeless fans have been a fan favourite for many years and the Pure Cool Me is the latest introduction into the family. It’s made for only one person to use at a specific area so you can keep it at your desk or even your bedside table. What’s great about the Pure Cool Me is that it still functions exactly like its older sibling. The built-in HEPA filter surrounds the entire base, which is capable of capturing 99.95% of particles like pollen, bacteria, and more. Another great thing about the Pure Cool Me is that while it can project clean and cool air, it does so while making as little noise as possible.

Dyson Cyclone V11

House chores are always tedious. If it’s not about trying to clean every nook and cranny, it’s the limited wiring that makes it a real task to clean your entire house. Introducing the cordless Dyson Cyclone V11, which surpasses the Cyclone V10. The upgrade to a new V11 digital motor promises 20 per cent more suction power, capable of sucking the life out of every moving particle in your home. Aside from its futuristic design that resembles a sci-fi ray gun, the processing chip in the Cyclone V11 is capable of learning and adapting over time, which allows it to automatically adjust its cleaning capabilities depending on the floor type. Even the battery within the Cyclone V11 plays a part in its intelligent performance. There are three types of power modes available – Eco Mode allows you to have maximum runtime at the most basic level of power; Auto Mode gives you an even balance of both; and Boost Mode offers raw power and performance but in return very little runtime.

Dyson Lightcycle

The last on the list is an entirely new product and it is something that will shine as bright as its other two machines. The Dyson Lightcycle is arguably the most minimalist light stand you can find in the market. Its simplistic design would usually mean there’s very little it can do but that’s far from the case. The Lightcycle was created with the consumer in mind thanks to the technology within, which is used to help reduce eye strain and fatigue. It’s capable of following the local daylight timing and will adjust its brightness and colour temperature accordingly. This is due to a unique time, date, and location driven algorithm as well as a 32-bit microprocessor, all of which is supported by data from over a million satellite-based measurements of lighting conditions in the earth’s atmosphere. Through the Dyson Link smartphone app, you can now adjust the lighting based on various tasks, whether it be studying, relaxing, or even sleeping. To manually control it, the Lightcycle comes with a slide-touch dimming and colour temperature selection and to make things even better, there is no light bulb to replace as it can last up to 60 years.

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