Over the past few years, each and every big Samsung announcement has caused a flurry of excitement. Known as Samsung Unpacked, fans and consumers alike can always expect a next great big tech innovation from the Korean giants. Samsung Unpacked 2019 was no different as it brought forth healthy dose of new devices.

In typical Samsung fashion, the star of the event was the Galaxy S10, the latest flagship smartphone device. There were also other renditions of the Galaxy S10, mainly the smaller-sized Galaxy S10e and the much larger Galaxy S10 Plus. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung Unpacked 2019 also saw the reveal of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is essentially the world’s first foldable smartphone.

Accessories also made an appearance, which includes the Galaxy Watch among other devices. Samsung’s infrastructure also takes a big leap forward via its smartphone devices with the Galaxy S10 5G. This will be the brand’s first-ever attempt at a 5G-supported smartphone with the promise of being the future of smartphone connectivity.

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Featured and Hero Image: Samsung