When it comes to large scale tech events, there are only three worth tuning in for. First would be the annual Samsung and Google conferences where both showcase their latest flagship smartphones and devices. Another would be Apple‘s very own conference, which usually falls on the month of September, a month before both Samsung’s and Google’s. This is to satiate the palette of the consumer tech industry but if you delve deeper, the more ardent of fanatics will pay closer attention to the likes of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, also known as Apple WWDC 2019.

Much like Google I/O, the Apple WWDC 2019 is a yearly tech event that focuses on all things that make Apple tick. Its biggest focus during WWDC would be its software, which involves large-scale changes. These updates are made to benefit users and developers alike on what to expect with the latest Apple ecosystem.

As usual, these tech events usually have plenty of talking points to go through from its latest operating system (OS) updates to new features and functions that make your everyday life better. Scroll on down below to read up on the latest updates from Apple WWDC 2019 and what you can expect in the months to come. (All images: Apple)