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Exit Reality: Malaysia gets a VR theme park named ‘The Rift’

Virtual Reality and its numerous applications are all the rage in the world of tech. The industry market is projected to be worth USD7.6 Billion by 2022 and today, VR is being used in industries as varied as flight training schools to sports training, home gaming systems, and even the medical field for practicing.

That’s just the start. The future is incredibly exciting for the technology — just take a look at Ready Player One — Steven Spielberg’s latest Hollywood blockbuster. It’s centred on our newfound obsession and the dependence we may one day have on the technology.

Zero Latency

Game on

That future has just gotten that much closer here in Malaysia. Enter: ‘The Rift’ at Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, a new indoor adventure park where players wearing VR headsets can immerse themselves in games ranging from dungeon crawling amongst the undead to rock climbing above electric wires — all made possible by renderings of cutting-edge technology.

Indeed, the most lucrative products are found in the entertainment and gaming industries. ‘The biggest challenges when setting up was with the operational flow of the park,” says Dexter Foong, Business Development Manager of the Rift. “No one’s ever done VR at this scale in the region, so we’ve had to quickly learn and adapt to how customers would have preferred their experience.”

Inside Zero Latency

The virtual reality experiences are a wholly immersive, allowing the player to explore a completely 3D-built environment. For example, Zero Latency is a game where eight players can roam around an arena within an adventure of their choice.

This might be helping each other to survive a zombie apocalypse or fighting off aliens whilst traversing through an abandoned space station. Augmented reality experiences, superimpose images computer generated images over the real world.

Live out your hero fantasies in ‘Monster Battle’, a game that allows you to take down a huge beastly creature with your friends or compete in ‘Hado,’ an explosive game of dodgeball that The Rift even holds leaderboards and tournaments for.

Strap yourself in

“VR provides that theme park level experience without the strict space and loading requirements that traditional them park rides require,” says Foong. So for those of you thrill seekers who want something to push the envelope further, then try out the Hurricane.

Unlike a traditional rollercoaster, this computer generated experience blows you off into the eye of a storm or blasts you around in space. All the while, you are strapped into a machine that coordinates with the computer knowing when to toss and turn you around 360 degrees giving you a wholly realistic escapade.

Hurricane VR

“We are attempting to provide the top end of VR attractions, completely different to almost at kind of VR most people would have tried so far,” Foong asserts. He also has high hopes for the future. ‘”It can only grow. There’s a growing appetite  for VR attractions because they give people experiences that they didn’t think were possible until now.”



Exit Reality: Malaysia gets a VR theme park named ‘The Rift’

Tengku Muzhaffar Petra

Watches and Culture Editor

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