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Splurge: The RM478,000 Utopia by Tournaire headphones is music to your ears

Music is an important factor in almost everyone’s everyday life; never let people tell you otherwise. While many can live with a modest pair of headphones, there are others out there who demand the best of experiences. And when it comes to owning the world’s most expensive pair of headphones, Focal Utopia by Tournaire is the ideal pair.

With a jaw-dropping RM477,780 price tag, the Focal Utopia by Tournaire headphones are easily the most expensive pair in the world. Why does it cost that much, you ask? This particular model was made in collaboration with the top jeweller in France, Tournaire.

As jewellery is an important component in the build of the headphones, it features hand-decorated gold and diamond elements. While some may take a step back in disgust, Focal Utopia by Tournaire actually does a good job in keeping it classy and elegant. The headphones carry 18-karat yellow gold on its ear pieces as well as both sides of the headband with 6.5 carats worth of diamonds to back it up.

Of course, the Focal Utopia by Tournaire headphones are more than just a statement piece. To start you off, the cushions on the earcups are made out of soft lamb leather while the yokes above are made out of carbon fibre. Not only does it provide extreme comfort year-round, it is also lightweight, meaning it will be less taxing on your ears.

Within the earcups sits a 40mm Berylium ‘M’ shape dome driver, made to ensure its audio origination comes from the front rather than the sides. This allows the audio quality and reproduction to skyrocket through the roof. Clarity is another important aspect when it comes to headphones, and the Focal Utopia by Tournaire doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk as well.

Of course, talking about headphones and actually putting it to the test are two different variables. Much like automobiles, you can’t actually experience the rush and adrenaline unless you’re behind the wheel. Speaking of cars, it is safe to say that Focal Utopia by Tournaire is the Ferrari equivalent in the world of headphones; many want to own one, but only a few get to really experience what it is like.


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