Here’s how to treasure a moment forever. You take a picture and you print it out. An image or video may last an eternity on Instagram but it is hard to replace the soothing permanence of a printed picture.

Now, Fujifilm’s latest Instax offers that sweet spot between instant gratification and cherishing good times. Called the Instax Mini LiPlay, this ‘hybrid’ is essentially an Instax camera mixed in with a handful of Instagram-like features.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

To date, the LiPlay is the smallest and lightest instant camera ever made by the Japanese photography company. Despite its small form, the camera is packed with all the basic functionalities of a digital camera and a printer. So instead of quickly snapping and printing a picture immediately like the usual Instax, the LiPlay allows users to review and choose images over its LCD screen before printing.

What’s new is its ability for a picture to become something more — by adding sound. With the press of a button, the camera can record up to ten seconds of audio (a birthday song or a congratulatory message). This is then converted into a QR code to be printed out together with the photograph. All that’s left to be done is to scan the code with a smartphone to play the recording again.

It’s certainly no Insta-story or moving picture a la Harry Potter fantasy. Still, this new function is a nifty thing in making a two-dimensional photograph interactive.

But if you prefer the megapixel camera on your smartphone, the LiPlay also doubles up as a portable printer. Simply download the LiPlay companion app and link up phone and camera via Bluetooth for direct printing.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

You’ll find, however, that the LiPlay is pretty dependable for photos. The Instax camera comes ready with six different Insta-worthy filters for some quick fix-ups of pictures. Users can also try out pre-installed design frames that can be selected during or after taking a picture on the hybrid Instax.

These photos won’t come with thousands of likes and comments, but this is one you can keep and interact with for as long as you want.

The Instax Mini LiPLay comes in three trendy colours: Stone White, Blush Gold and Elegant Black with an embossed surface. Now available at select tech retailers.

Jasmine Tay
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