Black Mirror is arguably one of the most popular TV series to date on Netflix. Its latest season recently made its debut last week with three new episodes, showcasing future of technology and its wonders and paranoia. But what does all that mean in the real world? Can we expect such extravagant technology to take over our lives in the near future? If its latest season is of any indication, we’re in for an exciting time.

Black Mirror’s entire identity revolves around modern society as it deals with the unexpected consequences of new technology. Many episodes of Black Mirror are terrifying; this has something to do with the horrors that modern technology will bring to the table. However, the main fear stems from the technology at heart, most of which still seems quite far off from the present day.

But its creator Charlie Brooker has also been able to implement certain futuristic advancements into scenarios not far off from our own. This begs the question — would society descend into anarchy the moment technology of this manner was to exist in the next few years?

As season 5 of Black Mirror is already a week old, we take a look at some of the technologies that already made an appearance in the previous episodes over the years.