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The Google Card may be the latest introduction into fintech

Google may be looking to infiltrate the current landscape of the fintech industry with its very own smart debit card.

First reported by TechCrunch, it appears that the Google Card may soon be on its way. The Apple Card has already been around for some time now so it’s about time another tech giant has decided to go down the same route. Samsung Pay is also a thing in certain countries, but that’s strictly for mobile payments only.

Google Card
How the Google Card may look like.

The Google Card will first and foremost be a smart debit card instead of an actual credit card. There will also be a virtual checking account so you can now use the Google Card to purchase online, with a card, or your smartphone. The card will work with the Google Pay app that allows you to keep track of your balance as well as your expenditure. As of right now, Google Pay only allows for online and peer-to-peer payments.

In the long run, this can work out to Google’s advantage in terms of advertising and targeting. By utilising its user data and spending patterns, it can curate specifically targetted ads to its users for better vision.

These cards will likely feature Google’s branding as well as the partnering bank with the ability to add or transfer funds to and from the account via Google Pay. The card is great for all types of purchases, including Bluetooth mobile payments as well as contactless transactions. There will also be a virtual card number for online or in-app payments via the e-wallet.

Users will also be able to keep track of their spending with a detailed list of their expenditure. This includes its full price, the date the transaction was made, the merchant’s name, and even the location of the store. Seeing as it will be a part of Google’s ecosystem, you will also be able to call the merchant directly through the app or even find directions. This is part of its security, which also allows you to lock the card if you happen to lose it. Fret not as you will still be able to spend as the virtual card number will be different from the physical card.

As of right now, there is no news as to when the Google Card will be released — even the Apple Card’s appearance in Malaysia will be a long shot. For the Google Card to be released here is next to impossible. But then again, one can always hope.

(Feature image: Google; Hero image: Unsplash)

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