When two brands of opposite spectrums collaborate, it either results in calamity or success. Over the years, we have seen some successful collaborations and 2018 is no different. Take car brands for example; 2018 has seen its fair share of collaborations between manufacturers and various brands. Nissan took a different approach as compared to the likes of Maserati and MINI. All three collaborated with vastly different brands, all of which have brought together a unique approach to collaborations with car manufacturers. Camera collaborations is also another subject worth talking about as it also features the biggest name in camera technology and a wide variety of collaborators.

These collaborations are mainly focused towards the aesthetics of the camera, turning something that is purely functional into something that is also pleasing to the eye. With many designer brands brought on board, some collaborations also focus on accessories like bags, camera kits, and even body skins for the camera.

Another aspect of camera collaborations that many can easily see is its varied pairings with fashion brands and designers. Leica is a regular contributor when it comes to camera collaborations, working with numerous brands over the years. From Paul Smith to Gagosian and even Hermes, the German camera manufacturer is no stranger to the world of collaborations with its iconic cameras models.

Hasselblad is another household name that pops up when it comes to camera collaborations. The Swiss manufacturer is known to collaborate with other known camera manufacturers in particular. Most of these limited-edition cameras are no longer available in the market, but you will be able to find them through other means for a much heftier price.