Smart home speakers have become a revelation over the past few years. After the introduction of the first ever Google Home smart home speaker, more companies have come forward with their very own alteration of a smart home speaker. With various needs and functions for different needs and wants, there is a smart home speaker for out there for everyone.

Having said that, many households in Malaysia are starting to accommodate today’s modern technology. The likes of Google, Apple, Samsung, and even Amazon have their very own range of smart home speaker systems. This provides your home with the possibility of having everything controlled by artificial intelligence.

Smart home speakers are also a paradigm shift towards a more digitally connected world, all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). This has enabled everyday physical devices to be embedded with additional software, sensors, and connectivity with the internet to exchange data, thus creating a connected and seamless digital ecosystem.

Through IoT, the very idea of a smart home has been born and smart home speakers are now part of that equation. Essentially a wireless sound system, a smart home speaker comes with a virtual assistant who can help make your life and everything in your house better. From controlling the temperature of your air-conditioning to the desired lighting for specific rooms, and even being a virtual butler, a smart home speaker is the next technological advancement after self-driving cars that every homeowner needs.