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Stay in touch with your friends while social distancing with these multiplayer game apps

At this rate, it is not surprising to have your average screen time increase by over 50%.

Playing games on your phone is a great reason to kill time or to simply take your mind off the world for a while, especially after you’ve spent the whole day working from home. You can relax after a long conference call or have some ‘social life’ while catching up with friends over fun and games.

If you need some inspiration to keep you moving, challenge your friends to a workout using the Apple Watch or invite them to sweat out together via video-calling applications. Ultimately, what you’re looking for is just to have a little fun with friends you’ve not and won’t be seeing for the next few weeks.

You might already have your favourite apps like Instagram or TikTok to keep you entertained. But in this time of uncertainty, here are some other multiplayer game apps you can check out to find some fun while being stuck at home.

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Deemed the ‘best place to hang out’, Plato is a platform for you to match your friends to a series of games from the classic Chess and Backgammon, to Bowling and Literati. You can also play Draw Something with Plato as well. If you have a competitive spirit, some games can really rile you up — and you could end up spending hours on the app. There are also public chat rooms for you to speak to like-minded people about anything from music, favourite movies and more while playing your favourite games.

Download Here

If you love playing Cards Against Humanity with your close buddies, you’ll find the perfect virtual version with Evil Apples. Find a group of people to play with (you can invite them through social media) and you start by having a hand of digital cards with answer options used to fill in the blanks. Each round, a sentence or question will be presented and players will have to come up with the funniest answer. The designated judge for that round will select the card they find most hilarious. You can amp up the game by playing it through a group video call and add in a punishment of sorts to make it more exciting.

Download Here

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, the Powerboat Racing 3D app is the closest you can get to having some adrenaline rush at home. This multiplayer racing game combines fantastic visuals, easy to master controls, and fantastic multiplayer interface. It can be played with up to four players — friends of random opponents online, as you unleash your competitive spirit to win each race based on different difficulty, game modes and training tutorials.

Download Here

King of Opera is an insanely fun app to play together and play with up to three friends at one go — especially if you are one who loves to be in the limelight. You are in charge of controlling your tenor with the goal of keeping them performing under the spotlight and making sure they aren’t kicked off stage. There are six different game modes to explore with your friends to see who will be the King of Opera.

Download Here

Play solo, against friends or match with people via online play with Quiz Up, a single or two-player trivia game encapsulating any topic you can think of from history to food, Harry Potter characters to your favourite Marvel superheroes. Each quiz comprises six questions, and you’re given up to 10 seconds to answer each question with more points awarded for the speed of your response. It’s your chance to show off some hidden talents or impress your friends in this trivia game.

Download Here

If you are looking for something more strategic, this award-winning multiplayer game allows up to four players to form a team to fight the ‘pandemic’. Work together cooperatively to find a cure and treat the infected while having to role play and use unique abilities to stave off and eradicate the deadly epidemic to save humanity. This ‘escape room’ style, but on mobile. 

Download Here

Here’s a fun way to catch up with your friends without having limited number of screens on your phone. This face-to-face social network helps connect you to your loved ones effortlessly, with additional features like games, screen-sharing capabilities and amazing FaceTime qualities. Use Houseparty not just for casual chats but also for ‘group workout sessions’, conducting workshops or tutorials, and even cooking together.

Download Here
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