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Social distancing and staying at home feels a lot less lonely now with the new Netflix Party extension.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to Netflix and Chill. Down at the HQ, a few bright developers found us a way to group binge-watch our favourite shows even while we stay in quarantine. The Netflix Party Extension is here, you know what to do.

In keeping up with the codes of social distancing, Netflix teamed up with Google Chrome to create an extension that lets you and your fellow binge-watchers to watch a movie or show in sync in pristine video quality.

netflix party

How does it work?

Once you download and install the Chrome Extension, the log into your Netflix page as usual and then begin streaming. Midway, launch the Netflix Party extension and you’ll see a URL that pops up. You can share that with the party, and the show’s on.

netflix party

To ensure this works correctly, we’d suggest all streamers to download the Chrome extension. Once you’re in, you’ll all be watching the same movie in real-time with a chat bar as well. Of course, nobody wants an annoying chatter around them while they’re enjoying a movie, so you do have the option to mute.

Moreover, we’d suggest ensuring that your internet speed is good. Syncing and real-time plays can demand a great amount of internet bandwidth. It is also a great way to practice social distancing while still being social with your friends.

(All images: Courtesy Netflix Party, Google Chrome Extensions & Getty Images)

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia India. 

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