New features are rolling out to Android in the coming weeks.

New emojis

For certain emojis, users will be able to discover various versions in the “Emoji Kitchen” on the G board virtual keyboard, as well as combine two to create a new one. Google promises no fewer than 14,000 possible combinations.

Audio books

Google is working with various publishers in the USA and the UK to offer automatically generated audio versions of books that aren’t yet available in this format. The tool should be available to publishers in early 2021.

Favourites in Maps

Google Maps will simplify navigation between previously saved locations (like home, work, school, stores and favorite places) with its new “Go” tab. Users can also save preferred public transport routes.

App sharing

Soon, it’ll be possible to share one or several applications with nearby Android users via Google Play, even when there’s no internet connection.

Voice Access for smartphone navigation

The enhanced Voice Access app will let anyone and everyone control their smartphone UI by voice, using simple commands like “open Chrome,” “scroll down,” “reply,” etc, making hands-free navigation easy.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.