The Oppo Reno5 launch sees a collaboration with the local Abdulrashade Studio to unveil a gorgeous interactive mural in Kwai Chai Hong, Chinatown.

Content creators and budding influencers have one thing in common: to be always on the lookout for the next Instagrammable thing in town. Allow us to point you towards the next big thing: ‘Friendship Wonderland’, an interactive mural right in the heart of KL. Located in the trendy Kwai Chai Hong area of Chinatown KL, this mural was made in collaboration between Oppo, Abdulrashade Studio, and WheyChillin Ice Cream KL in conjunction with the launch of the new Oppo Reno5 smartphone.

Why ‘Friendship Wonderland’? The theme was inspired by how the idea of friendship is all about capturing memorable moments, and the mural aims to bring friends together – with social distancing in mind, of course – especially since the pandemic has left us feeling quite lonely. We’ve spent most of 2020 seeing each other through screens, and this wall art installation could be a fun way to make new and fond memories together.

Local graffitti artist Abdulrashade.

The mural is an interactive one. By day, its bold colours will shine vibrantly through your pictures, but when night falls the installation shows its secrets. When standing at a specific spot by the installation, it lights up with its bright neon glow, illuminating the mural further. Local street artist Abdulrashade who leads Abdulrashade Studio says:

Creating this interactive mural has been an amazing achievement for us because it truly showcases my fullest potential and capabilities in creating art. I hope that this art captures the essence of youth, the creative energy, and for some, even help to claim back some lost time with loved ones due to the pandemic of 2020.

To truly appreciate what the mural has to offer, the new Oppo Reno5 smartphone series has some features that will help you out. The series comes equipped with a 64MP Quad camera setup with AI Portrait Expert, AI Highlight Video, and Dual-View. These features make capturing your selfies and OOTDs look even better, even at night.

But of course, the Oppo Reno5 series has more than just camera prowess. It comes with 5G integration with SoC from Qualcomm, and the Snapdragon 765G chipset has an integrated 5G modem and Adreno GPU, perfect for uninterrupted gaming and streaming session — something we’ve all been doing a fair bit of during the pandemic. The 7nm chipset is perfect for heavy gaming, yet has a fairly low power consumption when it comes to your day-to-day applications. Not that you’ll be worried though, as the Oppo 65w SuperVOOC fast charging speed means that you’ll be powered up in no time, should your battery run low.

The new Oppo Reno5 series will be launched on 18 January 2021, 6PM on the Oppo official Facebook page. Catch the launch and you might just stand a chance to win one of 15 units of the latest Oppo Reno5.

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PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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