Technology within smartphones have evolved exponentially over the past couple of years. Gone are the days of chunky, candy bar-like mobile devices that can render a small animal unconscious with one strike. While many smartphones these days share similar design languages, one thing that does keep them apart is the camera that sits at the rear.

Camera phones have been around for quite some time, dating back to the noughties with the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson (before it officially became Sony Mobile in 2012). Of course, the quality of camera phones back then were pixelated and blurry at best. It’s hard to imagine back then that in the future, camera technology in smartphones can surpass mirrorless cameras and the like. It will still be a stretch to say smartphone cameras can take over DLSRs but it really isn’t that far off.

One reason for the evolution of camera technology in smartphones is due to the ever-challenging Chinese smartphone market. Its innovations and ideals are a constant threat to the Western world, especially to the likes of Apple and Google. For example, Huawei is the first brand to ever introduce a triple-camera setup. This dwarves its original dual-camera setup, which rose to prominence in 2016.

Of course, one cannot talk about smartphone camera technology and not mention the Apple iPhone. While many Android companies are boasting higher megapixel counts with various features, the various iPhones have always been able to remain consistent in terms of picture quality.

While the battle between which is better (Android vs iOS), in terms of camera performance alone, it is a pretty tight race. Many Apple fanatics will swear their iPhones take better pictures while Android fanboys will say the complete opposite. Instead of having to make one choose between Android or iOS, here are a list of smartphones with modern day camera technology that is capable of besting most cameras.