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Review: The Samsung Galaxy Watch showcases its hybrid smartwatch appeal with a classic twist

The argument of whether a smartwatch can replace a classic analogue watch is an ever-present one. To the more tech-savvy user, a smartwatch is a natural choice as it connects with your entire ecosystem whereas a classic analogue watch cannot. However, collectors would argue otherwise seeing as analogue watches are always the way to go. The Samsung Galaxy Watch bridges the gap between both worlds, giving users the best of a smartwatch with a classic feel of an analogue timepiece.

This is Samsung’s latest iteration into its smartwatch series, albeit a different naming convention. It’s the first Samsung smartwatch that drops the “Gear” in its name, making it the first to focus on a more lifestyle approach rather than a sportier alternative.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a clean and elegant aesthetic, introducing a more timeless approach to its design. The watch comes in two sizes — 42mm or 46mm and in three different colours. The 42mm comes in midnight black or rose gold while the 46mm is limited to only silver. Samsung also gives you the option of swapping out its lightweight silicone straps for a wide range of colour combinations.

What’s great about the new colours for the Samsung Galaxy Watch is how appealing it is to the eye. Its rose gold, in particular, is capable of capturing your attention from the get-go. On the display sits an AMOLED panel, following on from other Samsung Galaxy devices like the Galaxy Note 9. Its stainless steel case gives off a lavish look and feel on your wrist without coming off as gaudy, making it a much-needed upgrade from its predecessor.


Through the Galaxy Wearable app, you can now change the face of the Samsung Galaxy Watch to something that suits your style or personality.

There’s very little doubt when the experience of Samsung’s devices are called into question over the past few years. While its smartphones have suffered a major dip, the entire Samsung Gear family has steadily improved with each new model that makes its way onto the market. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the epitome of what the Korean conglomerate is going for — a smartwatch that is capable of being more than just that.

The battery life is a great improvement over its previous iterations, being able to last up to four days on a single charge. It also depends on which model you’re going for — the 42mm has a much smaller battery capacity as the 46mm, so it will last shorter. When the battery does run low, simply place it on its charging dock for wireless charging.

Another nifty feature Samsung brought forward to the Galaxy Watch was its rotating bezel. This allows you to navigate your way through the watch without the case being cluttered with buttons. It is also a touchscreen panel with two buttons on the right side for easier navigation.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can be paired via Bluetooth.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch also carries a very stable connection with your smartphone, ensuring that every call, message, or notification you get can be seen through the watch as well. However, there is one downside to the watch as it doesn’t support plenty of third-party apps like Google Maps and Whatsapp, two popular apps for Android devices.


The 42mm midnight black Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Health and fitness is a core feature for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It offers plenty of alternatives to the usual walking and running with plenty of circuit and gym workouts already included into its system. The watch is also capable of storing up to four workout shortcuts that you want to focus on.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch also comes with a nifty stress meter, great for those who are constantly in intense environments. The watch takes your heart rate into consideration and determine how your stress levels are. If it’s too high, it can provide you with simple breathing exercises to keep your stress levels at a minimum.

The 46mm silver Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This is a smartwatch you will need in your life, especially if you’re into keeping track of your daily intakes. It can also record your heart rate and sleeping patterns. This will definitely come in handy to insomniacs who find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.


All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the closest thing to a perfect smartwatch. While it does suffer from a few hits and misses in terms of supporting various third-party applications into its operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is still capable of being a reliable partner on your wrist. It’s also great with many different Android devices but you may encounter a few issues if you’re trying to pair it with an iPhone.

Pictures: Samsung

Review: The Samsung Galaxy Watch showcases its hybrid smartwatch appeal with a classic twist

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