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Review: The Samsung Galaxy Fold ushers in a new era for smartphones

By now, many would already know what Samsung is capable of. Just two months ago, the market saw the release of its high-end flagship device, the Galaxy Note 10+, which we gave an in-depth review. Over the past few years, Samsung has repeatedly come out on top as the go-to brand of smartphone. This year is no different with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, ensuring that the marque smartphone maker ends the year on a high.

Living up to the trend, foldable smartphones are steadily becoming a reality and 2020 will likely see more of it. With technological innovations advancing at a rapid rate, it won’t be long until foldable smartphones become a norm. After all, other makers like Huawei and Microsoft are already jumping onto the bandwagon.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold can be folded up to 200,000 times.

A game-changing design

Samsung lives up to its reputation of disrupting the current trends with the Galaxy Fold. Safe to say, its design alone is a revolutionary breakthrough since the birth of smartphones. What allows the device to fold so effortlessly is its articulate spine. The precision-crafted hinge was inspired by the mechanics of a watch, which are hidden away at the rear of the device.

This allows for a seamless and elegant look, which is also due to polished glass all over for a more premium feel. The Galaxy Fold has been repeatedly tested for its flexibility and durability, allowing for up to 200,000 folds. While it may appear bulky, that isn’t the case once you open it up.

Gargantuan display

The 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display is a technological marvel in its own right. While bendable displays are nothing new with LG already proving so with its TVs, Samsung is the first to achieve this milestone with a smartphone. The only downside to its design is the crease that will appear when you open it up. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance; you won’t even notice it after a few hours.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
It stands at 4.6-inches when closed and 7.3-inches when opened.

Its display screen features incredibly vibrant hues, thanks to the dynamic AMOLED display feature. This allows for lifelike scenes with greater colour accuracy, creation, and contrast. When closed, the Samsung Galaxy Fold also comes with a smaller cover display, measuring at 4.6-inches. While it is significantly smaller, it makes it easy for one-handed usage.

An immersive experience

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will take some getting used to. But by being a cross-breed between a smartphone and a tablet, it allows for greater flexibility in more ways than one. When closed, it provides a comfortable grip with an ergonomic feel. There is also a fingerprint scanner that lays where your thumb or index finger will naturally land. This makes unlocking the device a lot easier than having to place onto a screen or at the back.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Colours are crisp, vibrant, and ultra-clear on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

While the phone provides plenty of new challenges, it’s easy to see how Samsung welcomes it head-on. One of the latest features would be the App Continuity feature, which allows you to transition between the small and big screen while you’re scrolling through social media or watching a video.

Another would be the Multi-Active Window feature. You can now have three apps open simultaneously, allowing you to take full advantage of the extra space. You can also resize the apps to how you see fit. Simply tap and hold the specific app and drag it to the left of the device to make it a priority; the phone will handle the rest.

More cameras

Samsung Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes in two colours — Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

There are a total of six cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This will be the most in any smartphone thus far, another milestone Samsung would be proud of. When closed, you can find the 10MP selfie camera on the front while the rear carries a combination of a 16Mp ultra-wide, a 12MP wide-angle, and a 12MP telephoto lens. When you open up the device, you’re greeted with another 10MP selfie camera alongside an 8MP RGB depth camera.

With an array of cameras to choose from, you can rest easy knowing your pictures will turn out spectacular. Samsung has elevated smartphone camera technology over recent years, ensuring it is the top dog in this particular category. From all angles, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is aces in terms of photography.

Pictures were crisp, vibrant, and full of life, much like the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. This is due to the Galaxy Gold carrying the same camera setup, right down to the software. You can also shoot super slow-motion videos and edit it through the Galaxy Fold, making it your personal camera and editing station on-the-go.

Wireless capabilities

Samsung Galaxy Fold
You can now use the Samsung Galaxy Fold as a wireless charger.

Being a device of this magnitude, the Samsung Galaxy Fold needs a larger than life battery pack. It has a revolutionary dual battery that works as one, using power whilst recharging itself in a way that prevents overcharging.

It runs up to a 4,380mAh capacity, which can last you an entire day. This is also due to the Intelligent Adaptive Power Saving mode. It learns your patterns of daily usage and adapts itself to your needs while managing the battery life.

Wireless charging is available in the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but there’s to it than just that. It’s designed to act as a wireless charger too. Now you can charge your Qi-enabled wireless devices like wearables and wireless earbuds. Simply place it at the centre of the phone to juice up your other devices.


In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a revolutionary device that is set to take the world by storm. It also paves the way for other smartphone makers to step up in terms of innovation. However, one downside to being a pioneer, especially when it comes to creating a foldable smartphone is that you control the market.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available at a whopping RM8,388. It is the most expensive smartphone to date from Samsung. While the price tag may scare you, know that you aren’t just purchasing a smartphone; you’re purchasing a piece of technology that will be talked about for years to come.

(All images courtesy of Samsung)

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