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Review: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip brings back old school in a big way

When we think of flip phones, we look back at the good ol’ days of the Motorola RAZR. Fast forward 16 years later and flip phones are making a comeback with a twist thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Given how the world is continually building towards a truly connected future, Samsung has given us just that. First was the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which came with 5G capabilities. Just when you thought that was it, Samsung drops a bombshell in the form of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Black and Mirror Purple.

The latest in the world of foldable smartphones is now at an all-time high. Given the success of the Galaxy Fold, it was only a matter of time before Samsung did anything radical with it. As the whole notion of foldable smartphones is slowly becoming commonplace, Samsung breaks the mould of being like everyone else.


It’s safe to say that Samsung has really outdone itself this time. The Galaxy Fold was a revolutionary product in its own right, but the Galaxy Z Flip is something else entirely. Instead of opening up like a book, the Galaxy Z Flip takes the shape of a flip phone from years before.

What’s great about it is how Samsung has managed to repeat the same process. This time, it;s a much smaller device than the Fold. The clamshell device has three colourways in total: Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and Mirror Gold. There is also a special Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip but sadly, it won’t be available in Malaysia.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
The Thom Browne edition.

When closed, the device is palm-sized, giving it a very small footprint. It may be chunky, but that’s mostly due to the thick centrefold at the back of the phone. When you open the Galaxy Z Flip, both screens will cover the fold, making it look just like any other smartphone. The device is also a fingerprint magnet, which means you’ll have to be on your toes when it comes to cleanliness.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip opens up to a 6.7-inch foldable AMOLED display with HDR10+. This is also known as the Infinity Flex Display, which pushes the bezels to the very edges. There is a smaller cover display when the phone is closed, telling you the time, date, and battery power without having to open the device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
You can use the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in a myriad of ways.

One downside that cannot be helped is the clear crease on the display screen. While Samsung has done an incredible job with the Galaxy Z Flip, the crease on the screen is evident as well as the slight indent that comes with the folded line. However, the entire folding motion on the device is truly satisfying. If you’re a one-handed type of user, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is perfect for you.


There are a total of three cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The main camera system is at the rear, featuring 12MP ultra-wide and wide lens. On the front, you’ll find a 10MP wide lens, which fits directly into the screen’s punch-hole design.

While it does take great pictures, the Galaxy Z Flip is still some ways behind other smartphones. The camera is close to a flagship model-like if it’s pricing isn’t already there. Its rear camera system is also the same in the Galaxy S10e, which was last year’s edition for the S10 series of smartphones.

Pictures are still sharp and clear with plenty of colour and detail. The camera app also comes with ‘Single Take’, a new feature that comes with the latest Galaxy S20 smartphones. This allows you to capture multiple shots of the same object but in different lenses. It also creates short, looped videos that can be turned into Boomerangs or GIFs, giving you everything you need in a “single take”.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
There’s no better way to flex the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

As the dual-camera system at the rear works fine, it’s the selfie camera that deserves the most praise. Open the Galaxy Z Flip at a 90° angle, much like how women would open their compact powder case. What’s great is that the device is capable of folding at any angle, giving you a new and fresh perspective on how to shoot. This is thanks to its Flex mode, which turns the top half of the screen into a viewing area while the bottom half is where you’ll find the controls.


Due to the very nature of the device, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to be a multitasking beast. Have two apps open at once with its Multi-Active Window feature, allowing to have two completely different apps running at the same time. This is due to the internal workings of the device — it has 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage space, and it with both Android 10 and the Samsung One UI 2.

The Galaxy Z Flip is all about smooth-flowing transitions without any hiccups. it believes in a seamless experience, and that is what you will get. On the smaller display on the cover of the device is where you’ll see your notifications. Now, what Samsung has done with it is to make it an active feature rather than a passive one.

Simply swipe on the notification display to see who has been messaging or calling you. If you were to tap on any notification, you will be brought straight to the app when you open the device. This seamless transition from close to open makes the Galaxy Z Flip a great daily driver because of its easy usability as well as its technological innovations.


At RM5,888, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is definitely more expensive than its other flagship, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. At its price point, it’s the second-most expensive device to come out from the Korean tech giants. From a consumer’s standpoint, the Galaxy Z Flip is what will drive the future of smartphone technology into new heights.

The Galaxy Z Flip is more than just a smartphone. It’s a piece of technology that will probably go down in history alongside the Galaxy Fold for ushering in a new dawn of smartphones. If you’re looking to invest in a new smartphone but still want to be different from everyone else, this is the device for you.

All images courtesy of Samsung Malaysia.

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