As far as flagship smartphones go, the Vivo V19 deserves a seat at the big table.

The likes of Samsung, Apple, and Huawei are three of the biggest names in the smartphone industry right now. There’s just no denying it right now. These three brands have been capable of creating devices that seamless blend form and functionality into one. China’s technological rise over the last decade or so has seen many tech companies going global.

Vivo is one of them with its name reaching a wider audience each time. The V19 is a stunning device with all the right features necessary for today’s modern market. This ranges from its large display screen to the importance placed on the camera and even its performance when it comes to gaming and day-to-day social media activities.


Vivo V19
The Vivo V19 comes in two shades, sleek silver or gleam black.

Upon lifting the covers, you’re greeted with a rather large device with two front-facing cameras on the top-right corner. This replaces the notch that was so 2019. The phone also pushes boundaries in terms of bezels, ensuring you get the most screen space possible. Its power button, as well as volume control switches, rest on the right side of the device, leaving room for its SIM card and external micro SD if needed.

Turn the device over and you’ll find a four-camera setup encased in a shell of its own. You’ll also see why the Vivo V19 fits so well in your palm. Its 3D curves are ergonomically designed to provide comfort when in-use without upsetting the balance its polished glass finish brings. This makes using the device single-handed or with both easy and strain-free for the long hours ahead.

One noteworthy aspect that Vivo took into consideration was the size of its speakers. At the top of the device, the speakers are hidden in plain sight, only noticeable when at a second glance. This allows the screen to grab your full attention with the speakers tucked away at the rim of the bezel.


Standing at 6.44-inches, the Vivo V19 is gargantuan, to say the least. It’s backed up with the Super AMOLED FHD+ Ultra O screen, made from the latest E3 OLED technology. This provides greater energy-saving capabilities, capable of reducing energy consumption by 8%, allowing for greater battery longevity. It also has 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut and less blue light emissions, allowing you to enjoy your content in a vibrant and authentic setting.


Vivo V19
Mobile gaming was never this fun until now.

The Vivo V19 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor alongside 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. This allows the device to be an all-in-one solution to your everyday needs. Whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, shooting TikTok videos, or binge-watching on Netflix, the phone can handle it all. And unlike most smartphones, it doesn’t heat up after extensive usage.

This is due to the copper tube liquid cooling system within the device. It takes advantage of heat transfer between liquid and vapour, thus optimising the device for greater heat dissipation. This will ensure the CPU within the device has a longer lifespan as well as having consistent performance as to not interrupt your everyday proceedings.

It also offers a different experience from other smartphones that aren’t Apple with its take on the Android 10 OS. Supplementing this is FunTouch OS 10.0, which offers customisable features to gestures, screenshots variations, and many more. Overall, the Vivo V19 does offer a fun experience; its interactive wallpaper display offers a different look each time you unlock the device. You can also change it as and when you please.

Aside from that, it can also multitask to no end. Having three different social media apps open alongside Google Chrome didn’t slow the phone down one bit. It offers great clarity and contrast of colour when you’re watching videos, whether it’s on YouTube or Netflix. The screen is wide enough that it offers a cinematic-like experience on a smartphone. This ensures that any videos you watch will appear in crystal clear quality.


Vivo V19
Fast-charging is available in the Vivo V19.

For a smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, the Vivo V19 proves itself to be a real sharpshooter. Its main camera is a 48MP wide lens and its complemented with three other camera lenses — the 8MP ultra-wide, the 2MP macro, as well as the 2MP depth camera. This setup allows you to capture pictures in great quality with enough clarity and contrast to tell the full story.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great camera, but it’s not amazing. However, comparing it with other smartphones at its price range, you can see that the Vivo V19 does stand against the rest with ease. There are no real downsides to the camera system; its shots are clear and colourful with enough light to showcase the many details. Of course, this does vary as the autofocus does tend to act up sometimes, but that is something that can be fixed with software updates.

As a whole, the camera system on the Vivo V19 offers a great user experience. Aside from the regular photo and video mode, you can also shoot in portrait and night mode but that’s not all. Slo-mo, time-lapse, and pro mode are just some of the more common features you’ll find. The V19 also offers you the chance to shoot in 48MP as well as having Jovi Vision — this artificially intelligent, machine-learning camera will study the items in front of it before directing you to a link on where you can purchase said product.

Its scene recognition software is also a worthwhile feature. When placed in front of certain objects, the camera is capable of detecting what it’s looking at in an instant. Whether it be animals, flowers, or even buildings, the camera system on the Vivo V19 is capable of adapting to suit your surroundings.

The front camera lens is also something worth shouting about. It’s a 32MP wide-angle lens coupled with an 8MP ultrawide lens. This allows you to squeeze people more into your selfies while still giving it some amazing quality shots. It also has electronic image stabilization (EIS), ensuring whatever you record with the front camera is ultra-stable and shake-free.


At only RM1,699, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other Android device that is capable of giving you the same level of performance than the Vivo V19. It’s considered a steal for what it has under the hood and its camera system is more than capable of getting the job done.

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