Every year, Las Vegas plays host to a technology exhibition known as the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’ or CES for short. Tech companies would converge into Sin City every January to showcase what they have up their sleeves. CES 2019 is no different as the week-long convention plays host to the latest up-and-coming tech products and services.

CES has long been the home for technophiles across the globe who will travel just to be a part of the experience. Aside from technological marvels, various car manufacturers would also take to the floor to showcase the latest in automotive technology. This includes self-driving capabilities, which has long been what the automotive world has been focusing on.

Home entertainment technology also takes a big leap forward with the introduction of 8K televisions, which have been on display since IFA 2018. IFA is another tech expo that generally gains plenty of attention every year in August.

Much like the previous year, CES 2019 will place heavy emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) as well as machine learning technology. When paired together, it accounts for almost limitless possibilities, whether it’s for smartphone, home, or even automotive technology advancements.