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The technological marvels within smart wallets and which ones to get

Smart wallets are steadily becoming more mainstream these days. This is due to the massive influx of technological advancements over the past few years with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT).

From smartphones to smartwatches and even smart home devices, we now live in a truly connected world. The best part? This is just the beginning. Thanks to the rapid speed of which the industry is growing and shaping, it’s no wonder that smart wallets are becoming more than just a trend.

With the help of IoT, e-wallets and cashless payments are quickly ascending and looking to take over. However, there are still many of us in the world who benefit from having credit and debit cards by our side. The transition from having to utilise PIN numbers to verify a purchase has since been replaced with pay wave, and therein lies the problem.

We know the contents in your wallet are valuable and you want to keep it safe. As simple ‘tap-and-wave’ payment options are becoming more commonplace, it makes stealing information a lot easier as well. It’s as simple as someone carrying a small device capable of matching the code to deduct a sum from your bank account without needing any verification – now that is indeed scary.

Thankfully, technology has managed to help us in keeping our credit cards and cash safe. This includes the use of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) protection, which is what many credit cards have installed in its chips. Other features these modern-day smart wallets include GPS tracking to show its whereabouts, all packed into a clean and minimalist design. Sadly, not many luxury brands have caught on to the hype of smart wallets. However, that means more room in the market for indie brands to stake its claim.

Here is a list of brands that you can check out when looking for a smart wallet.

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